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Texas Houses For Sale - Shopping for Texas Houses for Sale - Houston Homes for sale, Dallas-Fort Worth Homes for sale

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Looking for Texas houses for sale is a really big job. Texas is the largest state in the United States, and there are many big metropolitan areas there. Home buyers who are looking for TX homes for sale should start by figuring out what city they want to move to. That will narrow down the list a little bit. From there, it is all about how much you want to spend and what kind of house you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the homes for sale in some of the most popular cities in Texas.

Houston Homes for sale

I-45 splits the city of Houston right in half, so home buyers will find it very easy to look for homes on either side of the interstate. There is also a bypass that goes around the city, which can be used for further reference. Home buyers can generally expect to pay more for smaller homes in the center of that bypass, where home prices range from $15,000 for a fixer upper to $2.5 million for some of the more exclusive condos. Most of the homes in the center of Houston are condos or homes in need of a lot of repairs. Toward the outer edge of Houston, the homes begin to get larger and less expensive. Prices on the edge of Houston start at $15,000 for a fixer upper and go up to $300,000 for a six bedroom home with seven baths.

Dallas-Fort Worth Homes for sale

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the largest metro areas in Texas because it is made up of two very large cities. Home buyers who want to look at Texas houses for sale in the Dallas-Fort Worth area should start by deciding if they prefer the Fort Worth or the Dallas side of the metro area. Both cities can then be separated into north, south, east, and west corners. Home prices in Dallas start at $30,000 for a condo or $160,000 for a small house with about 1,200 square feet and go up to $12.5 million for an eight bedroom mansion with eight bathrooms.

Fort Worth has less expensive and smaller homes, with the prices topping $175,000 on the upper end in some neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods are an investor or house flipper’s dream. Some homes are listed for as little as $10,000, although they do need complete rehab work done. Downtown Fort Worth has Texas homes for sale between $2.6 million and $10,000, which one again includes many homes that are in need of major repairs.

Austin Homes for sale

Austin is the capitol of Texas, so all of the state government is located there. The easiest way to look for homes for sale in Texas in the Austin area is to cut the area in half. I-35 runs right through the city, and home buyers can look for homes on either side of it. There are also many small communities in the Austin area. One thing home buyers will notice about the Austin area is that a large portion of the homes for sale are actually condos, so a condo may be a better price for those who are looking in the lower price range. Home buyers can expect to pay as little as $40,000 for a one bedroom condo or $85,000 for a tiny house with a thousand square feet. Home prices go all the way up to $15 million for a mansion with all of the features anyone could ever want.

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