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London Sales Jobs - Outlook for London Sales Jobs

training retail company field

London sales jobs are some of the most plentiful in the city. This should be no surprise, as sales jobs all over the UK are abundant. One study estimates that over 11% of all jobs in the capital are London sales jobs and projections show that up to one million new positions will open within the next couple of years. This means prospects for finding London sales jobs are good, and anyone who is willing to give it a shot, has a chance at filling a position. This does not guarantee success and good pay in the position, as most London sales jobs pay on commission, but it does mean landing the job should never be too difficult.

London sales jobs are actually a broad category of more specific sales jobs. The list of different types of sales jobs seems endless, but here are a few of the more popular positions for sales jobs in London:

  • Retail Sales – These jobs are most often done from a shop or other traditional retail store that requires customers to walk in, browse, gain information on products, and complete their purchase. Within this subcategory there are sales associates, sales managers, and general managers.
  • Telesales – Telephone sales jobs are easy to get in London, but they are only for a certain type of individual. You must have a personable voice, be convincing, and be able to handle rejection, sometimes harsh rejection, well.
  • Field Sales – Field sales agents take the selling to the customer. Field sales agents can work for either retail or wholesale businesses. Business-to-business sales are very popular, and every manufacturer or distributor of a product works with a staff of field sales agents. These jobs can be more difficult than retail sales jobs because many require you to first find prospective customers who are will to meet with you. It is rare to meet with clients completely cold outside of trade shows or public events. Once you make a contact, it is also your responsibility to follow up with the client. In most cases, you are the only face for the company that the client will see.

The skills and training required for London sales jobs depend on the specific type of job. Many sales jobs do not require a formal university diploma, although it can be helpful in getting you in the door. Some sales jobs simply require that you are have a certain amount of charisma, character, and organization skills. Your pay and your growth in the company will be completely dependent on your results and ability to close the sale. Other jobs will ask for credentials that can include diplomas, training, or experience in specific fields relating to the industry. For example, a London sales job for an IT, computer, of software company may require you to have extensive knowledge of computers and computer information systems. Very few people who go into London sales jobs without knowledge of the products they are selling do well.

Many employers for London sales jobs will provide on-the-job-training, but the level of training provided can vary greatly. Sometimes, the training for these jobs is limited to a few hours memorizing a product list or familiarizing you with company policies. Other training programs will be one or more full weeks that handle advanced sales techniques and client prospecting techniques. Continuing education is often required as the products/industry expands and evolves over time.

Generally, less educated individuals start their London sales jobs in the retail or telesales fields. These are considered the lowest level of sales jobs in London, although the right person can make a handsome living from either of them. Sales management or sales executive jobs may be available as entry-level for someone with an advanced degree in sales or marketing. Some sales jobs have enough room to grow to keep employees happy over the course of their career. A good deal of those who start with London sales jobs, though, go on to start their own business with the skills they have learned, but it is important to be aware of any non-competition contract you may have signed with an employer.

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