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Work At Home For Moms - Benefits and Drawbacks to Work at Home for Moms - Benefits of Jobs to Work at Home for Moms

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Many new moms find themselves in an awful predicament: they do not know how to balance family life with work. The major dilemma is in spending too much time away from the baby and/or children. Many forgo work altogether in order to devote time to parenting. They feel fantastic about the decision, at first. It is, after all, beneficial to give as much time and attention as you can to raising your kids. However, after a few months, if you make the decision to leave your work or career for family, you may begin to have doubts. This doubt is caused by one or both of these specific feelings of emptiness.

1. An emotional feeling of emptiness – The emptiness is not total. It just begins to feel that something important is missing from your life. It is a small black hole that can later grow until it can develop into depression, which is not good for you or the children.

2. A feeling of emptiness in your pocketbook – It is expensive to raise kids. Having a baby and leaving a job can hit you with a double whammy that you did not fully plan for. Not only do you have a new expense, but you have less income to meet that expense.

One way that has become popular to deal with this dilemma is for a new mom to work from home. There are several benefits in working from home for a new mom. Work at home jobs also have some drawbacks, so it is important to carefully weigh the decision.

Benefits of Jobs to Work at Home for Moms

Most moms considering work at home jobs see the benefits. This is what makes the idea so attractive. Some of these benefits include the following:
*Being home – Whenever an emergency arises at home, the kids may need their mom. Work from home jobs allow you to be home “just in case.”

  • Hours – Work at home jobs allow you to set your own hours so you can fit your job around your family hours instead of the other way around. Small children are not so adaptable in their schedules as your regular job may require.
  • Volume of work – You can choose the volume of work you wish to take on. Some regular jobs may heap more work on you than you can handle. This can steal away valuable time that you could be spending with your family.
  • Money – Money is the primary reason for most jobs, and when you have a new addition to the family, money sure is helpful.
  • Satisfaction – A work from home mom job can give you a greater sense of success and achievement. Both of these lead to happiness, and your happiness can be directly reflected to your children.

Drawbacks of Jobs to Work from Home for Moms

While the benefits of a work from home job are usually very apparent, the drawbacks are not so. Some of the drawbacks do not appear until after you have made a commitment to the work at home job. It helps to understand what you are getting into before you begin. Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • Self-motivation – A mom work at home job requires motivation. Most people think that not having a boss to answer to is a good thing. What they do not realize is that a good boss is actually motivating you to continue working and producing results at your job. Self-motivation can be tremendously difficult and more than some moms are prepared to handle.
  • Distractions – Just because you are working from home does not mean it is easy. Home distractions can reach such levels that it is impossible to complete any work. Some distractions are active distractions. Other distractions are in the form of temptations. It is so easy to skip working to watch a favorite TV show, make something to eat, read a book, surf the Internet, talk on the phone, or any other number of activities that you have never had to limit at home before.
  • Start-up – Start-up for a new business can be overwhelming for a mom. Work at home jobs require some effort to start up and the rewards are not always so forthcoming. It may take months before you begin to see the results of your efforts.
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