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Home Heating Boilers - Benefits of Home Heating Boilers - Types of Home Heating Boilers, Home Heating Boiler Advantages

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When deciding on heating options for their homes, many homeowners overlook one efficient and ecological form of heating: home heating boilers. Home heating boilers have largely been replaced by electric and gas ceramic heaters in the United States for no practical purpose. They continue to be used in some older apartment buildings here, but in Europe home heating boilers are still used to a great extent. Many of them are run on gas, but some have been created to be used with new alternative fuels.

Types of Home Heating Boilers

There are several types of home heating boilers available on the market today, and no matter which one you choose, there will be several benefits over other types of home heating systems. Some of the more common types of home heating boilers are as follows:

Gas Boiler – This is the most common type of home heating boiler. Gas boilers are not only extremely efficient, but they are also durable. Breakdowns are rare and repairs are needed only infrequently. They come in three standard forms: conventional, combination, and condensing. Conventional boilers are those that have been used for over a century. Combination or combi boilers heat the water and create steam as it is fed to the radiators. Condensing boilers use the energy produced by the gas more efficiently than the other forms and they produce less greenhouse gases.

Electric Boiler – Electric boilers are considered to be more efficient than gas boilers. They also have a slimmer form-factor, so they take up less space. Electric boilers also do not emit carbon dioxide like gas boilers do.

Oil Boiler – Fuel oil boilers are more efficient than even electric boilers. They are also much more reliable. The only problem is that oil is a non-renewable source of energy and many people are turning away from these fuels. Oil prices can also fluctuate widely.

Solid Fuel Boiler – While solid fuel boilers traditionally have used coal as a fuel source, new solid fuel boilers use biofuels in the form of wood pellets or burnable pellets made of recycled materials. Many homeowners who have always used gas or electric boilers are switching to these new pellet-fuel boilers.

Home Heating Boiler Advantages

All of the types of home heating boilers have several advantages over other home heating systems.

  • Cost – While home heating boilers may have a high initial cost, their operating costs are much lower than that for other heating systems. Electric heaters with metal or ceramic elements can both be very expensive, as can standard gas convection heaters. In some cases, the savings can be as much as $500 per year.
  • Space – Most boilers are smaller than other types of home heating systems. Combi boilers can be installed mounted to a wall and do not even have to take up any floor space. However, even floor-standing models are often slimmer and the water pipes take up much less space than air ducts.
  • Installation – Home heating boilers are easier to install than all other types of whole-home heating systems. Only electric baseboard heaters are easier to install, but they are too expensive to operate for many people except those living in warmer climates.
  • Environment – Home heating boilers are the top choice of environmentally conscious homeowners. Solid fuels boilers can use pellets of recycled materials that are readily-available and easily renewable resources. Also, oil boilers can be run on biodiesel without any need for expensive retrofitting or conversions. Both recycled solid fuel pellets and biodiesel are carbon-neutral fuels.
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