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Dirt Devil Canister - Buying a Dirt Devil Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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While upright vacuum cleaners have taken control of the U.S. market, many still prefer a canister vacuum cleaner. Even though uprights have many new features that emulate the functionality of a canister vac, the canister still has several advantages. Most canister vacs have attachments that make them usable on hard floors. Canisters are also more powerful and quieter than upright vacuums. They are also more flexible. The detachable hoses of upright vacs are short and cannot reach all places a canister vac can go. Canister vacs are also easier to store.

One of the top choices in this style is the Dirt Devil canister vacuum cleaner. The Dirt Devil Company was originally founded in Cleveland in 1905 as Royal Manufacturing. The Dirt Devil canister vacuum was introduced in the 1980s and immediately took off as a consumer favorite. Today, Dirt Devil is owned by TTI Floor Care North America, which also produces Hoover and Vax cleaners.

Dirt Devil canister cleaners come in a choice of styles, each with a slightly different modern design and set of features. Here are the Dirt Devil canisters currently in production:

Tattoo Bagged Canister
This compact canister bag is one of two Dirt Devil canister vacuum cleaners to still use a bag. This canister vac is special in that it is actually pretty. You can choose between several colors and each comes emblazoned with a “tattoo” design on the front and top. Choices include the following:

  • Black with Ivy
  • Bronze and White with Butterflies
  • Crimson and Star
  • Purple with Ivy

Each style features a retractable cord, carry handle, rubber-coated wheels, and a 10-amp motor. They sell for $79.99.

Vision Canister
The Vision Dirt Devil canister has a more modern design with high-contrast edging, oversized wheels, and a visible collection can. It features a 12-amp motor, a HEPA filtration system, and variable power control. It is available in two models:

  • With Power Nozzle – This model is perfect for deep cleaning. It is blue and has a telescoping wand that goes from 32.5” to 45”. It sells for $169.99
  • Without Power Nozzle – This model is very lightweight. It is red and the telescoping wand extends from 31” to 42.5”. It sells for $119.99.

Breeze Canister The Breeze canister is a powerful but super lightweight model that is made especially for daily cleaning of high-traffic areas. The design uses an oversized visible collection can on a minimized blue body. Features include a 12-amp motor and HEPA filtration. It comes in two models:

  • With Power Nozzle – The model with the powered brush-roll sells for $139.99.
  • Without Power Nozzle – The basic model is exactly the same but has a passive nozzle. It lists for $99.99.

EZ Lite Canister
This Dirt Devil canister has a name that belittles its duty. This is a basic vacuum cleaner that can handle powerful jobs from floor to ceiling. It is red and has a sports-car design. Features include a 12-amp motor, variable speed control, auto cord retractor, HEPA filtration, and a telescoping wand that goes from 32.5” to 45”. List price is $99.99.

Jaguar Power Pak
The Jaguar Power Pak is actually being phased out. It is the largest of Dirt Devil canister vacs. The enclosed black design uses a bag system and a powerful motorized brush-roll nozzle with a separate on-off foot pedal. Other features include an automatic cord rewind, variable speed control, and a 12-amp motor. List price is $179.99.

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