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Homes For Sale Michigan - Searching for Homes for Sale in Michigan - Detroit, Lansing, Marquette

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Shopping for homes for sale in Michigan is quite a large task. Much of the small state is heavily populated, and each of the most popular cities in Michigan has its own personality. Figuring out where you fit in can be a challenge, but knowing a little bit about the real estate markets in some of the major cities can really help you find several homes for sale in Michigan to consider.


Detroit is known as motor city, and it is a very big manufacturing area. The one thing home buyers should understand about the Detroit area is that the average home ranges from $70,000 up. However, there are also homes listed for as much as $2.5 million. In order to shop by price range, the easiest thing to do in the Detroit area is to shop by subdivision. There are some high rise condos and townhomes that cost more than a million dollars, and the mansions that are listed in Detroit are often historic mansions that have been restored and are listed for millions of dollars. Most older homes will not have a subdivision listed, while the homes most buyers will be looking for will have a subdivision name. In short, just about any kind of home can be found in Detroit except for newly built mansions.


Lansing is the state capitol of Michigan, and the home prices there are a bit less expensive than in Detroit. Prices top out right around $1 million, although most of the larger homes are still a century old or more. Also Lansing does not have the exorbitantly high priced condos and townhouses that Detroit has. Also Lansing is full of potential investment properties that are listed for less than $10,000. Just remember that these properties will likely need quite a bit of work. There are even plenty of homes in the $30,000 price range, and these homes do not need as much work as the others that are priced lower. Overall, real estate in the Lansing area is very inexpensive. Also the available homes are quite old, so finding the one that is move in ready is simply a matter of discovering a gem that has already been restored. Additionally, it is quite difficult to find a home that is much over 1,000 square feet until you get in the $70,000 range.


Most of the homes for sale in Michigan are in the Lower Peninsula, and there are only a couple of major cities in the Upper Peninsula. Maquette is one of the most popular cities in the UP. Marquette is actually a popular vacation spot, and it is full of log homes and wooded areas that are perfect for the nature lover. Home prices top off at $2 million for a large home on a wooded lot with a lake, and they go down to about $20,000, which are the handyman specials. Most homes in the Marquette area are priced around $100,000 or more, with very little variation according to neighborhood.

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