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Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy - Recognizing the Symptoms of Early Pregnancy - Pain and fatigue, Nausea, constipation, and vaginal bleeding

women pregnant period temperature

The symptoms of early pregnancy are, unfortunately, very similar to the symptoms that can be caused by various health problems. However, they can be very exciting for a woman who is trying to get pregnant or scary for a woman who is not. Some women begin to experience the symptoms of early pregnancy as early as a couple of weeks into their pregnancy. Recognizing these signs can help you be a little surer of yourself up until the first day of a missed period.

Pain and fatigue

Many of the symptoms of early pregnancy involve some type of pain. Women often begin to get a lot of headaches and also experience very tender breasts that may be swollen. Also women who are pregnant tend to feel extreme fatigue, even early on in their pregnancies.

Nausea, constipation, and vaginal bleeding

Morning sickness, which can actually strike at any time of the day, is another very common sign of early pregnancy. The nausea may occur either with or without vomiting. Constipation also typically comes with early pregnancy, as can vaginal spotting or bleeding. When the bleeding occurs about two weeks after the pregnancy begins, it is called implantation bleeding.

Mood Swings and faintness

Mood swings are very common in early pregnancy and all throughout pregnancy. Women who are pregnant may have many crying episodes and find themselves to be even more emotional than usual. Also they may be extremely faint or dizzy, sometimes even to the point of passing out. This feeling may continue throughout the entire pregnancy. In early pregnancy, low blood pressure is usually the cause, so often having a bite to eat will relieve the dizzy feeling.

Basal body temperature

Another thing to keep an eye on if you are wondering if you are pregnant is your basal body temperature. This is your body temperature when you first get out of bed in the morning. Many women keep track of their basal temperature to determine when they are the most fertile. If it stays elevated for more than two weeks, then you are likely pregnant.

Missed Period

In some cases, women may not know they are pregnant until they miss their period. It is not uncommon for women to not have any symptoms of early pregnancy. In fact, sometimes the symptoms may not begin until after a month or more of pregnancy. Women who do think they could be pregnant should definitely start with a home pregnancy test. If they continue to experience symptoms despite having a negative result on the pregnancy test, then it is time to see a doctor. The doctor can run a blood test and do a pelvic exam to check for pregnancy. During the exam, he can also check for other problems that may be causing the symptoms. If other pregnancy symptoms are going on but there is no missed period, then the woman may need to see a family doctor rather than her OB/GYN because these can be signs that she is getting sick.

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