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Digital Clock Radios - The Best Digital Clock Radios - The Sony ICF, The Jensen Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System

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There are so many different digital clock radios on the market these days that finding one that will be reliable can be difficult. After all, having a clock that fails to go off at the right time will not help at all, and neither will having a clock with an alarm that is so quiet that it does not wake you up. Thankfully many people have reviewed their digital clock radios and posted their reviews in various places. We have collected all of the reviews on digital clock radios and chosen the three that seem to get the best overall reviews.

The Sony ICF

One of the most popular digital clock radios is the Sony ICF. This radio is extremely durable and even has a line in connection so that digital music players can be connected to it. Many people especially appreciate the personal snooze setting, which allows them to set their own snooze time instead of the standard nine or 10 minutes most alarm clocks automatically have. The clock also has a dual alarm, which allows you to have two different alarm time settings. There is even a nap timer, which allows you to take a nap for just ten minutes or as long as two hours. The nap setting does not affect the regular alarm, so there is no re-setting the alarm just for a nap that you may not take every day. Additionally, the clock has a feature that allows you to set a song to listen to as you fall asleep. The alarm clock then gradually decreases the volume as you doze so that it turns off after you are asleep. The clock retails for about $70.

The Jensen Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System

Another great choice when shopping for digital radios is the Jensen Dual Alarm Clock. This clock has a space for your iPod and a line in jack for other digital music devices. It will also charge your iPod while it is plugged into the clock. It has 40 presets for your favorite radio stations and various features on the alarm clock. You can choose to wake to the radio, alarm, or iPod, or even gradual light. The only bad thing about this item is that the audio on it is a little weak. It certainly is not a complete sound system, but the alarm features work great. The Jensen clock sells for around $50.

The Teac SR-L70i

Those who really want an alarm clock that does it all should check out the Teac SRL50. This clock comes with a remote control, and it has an LCD display, complete with dimmer. The clock radio also has an iPod dock on top of the clock radio, which also charges the iPod while it is docked. There is a nap timer and a daylight saving time switch, which makes it very easy to adjust the time when the time change arrives. The clock sells for about $80.

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