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Butterfly Table Tennis Table - Shopping for a Butterfly Table Tennis Table - The Personal Rollaway, The Club 25 Rollaway, The Centrefold 25

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A Butterfly table tennis table is a very well-known brand name and product. Butterfly makes many different tales for table tennis, including the official tables of the U.S. Open and U.S. National Championships. Most professional table tennis players use a Butterfly table tennis table, although the average home user may not need as many features as the pros. Here are some of the highlights of three different classes of Butterfly table tennis tables.

The Personal Rollaway

The lowest priced Butterfly table tennis table is the personal rollaway, which sells for about $450. This table comes in blue or green, and it has large five inch wheels, side beams, and a half inch steel rim. There are also two safety levers on each side of the table to prevent children from accidentally closing the table on themselves. The lightweight feel of this table, paired with the very large wheels, makes this a very easy table to roll away whenever it is not being used. The net and post do not even have to be removed whenever the table is folded up and stored away. The table has a three year warranty to protect the consumer against factory defects.

Another home model some average players might want to check out is the outdoor home rollaway from Butterfly. This model is just like the personal rollaway, except it has a few extra features that make it durable enough for outdoor play. The table has a synthetic laminate top and a durable frame, which can stand up to more abuse than the average personal rollaway table. The table can be purchased in either blue or green, and it comes with a three year warranty. This table sells for about $800.

The Club 25 Rollaway

Those who are looking for a higher quality Butterfly table tennis table should check out the Club 25 rollaway. This table has four inch wheels that lock and the same safety levers as the other Butterfly tables. It has a one inch wood top and a one and a half inch steel rail. It comes with the Primus II net set and a three year warranty. This table is perfect for businesses or organizations that expect their tennis table to get quite a bit of use. It is durable and meant to stand up to plenty of use and abuse. This table sells for about $1,000.

The Centrefold 25

The top of the line Butterfly table tennis table is the Centrefold 25. This table is the official table of the 2001-2011 U.S. Open and U.S. National Championships. The tables are preassembled and arrive on one piece. They fold up and roll away, similar to the less expensive tables, although these are easier for one person to pack up. The legs are positioned inward to comply with the ITTC ruling for wheelchair competitors. The top is an inch thick and has a PVC band and a steel rim. The table also comes with the Europa net set and a three year warranty. This table sells for about $2,000.

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