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Kaiser Southern California - Kaiser Southern California Insurance Plans

deductible health copayment care

If you live in the San Diego or Los Angeles area and are considering individual health plans, there is no doubt one of your top choices is Kaiser Southern California. Kaiser Southern California, officially known as Kaiser Permanente of Southern California, is one of the most popular insurers in the area. Kaiser Permanente offers group health insurance plans, Medicare plans, student plans, and child health plans, but it is their choice of individual and family plans that are the most popular.

Kaiser Permanente began as an industrial health care program in the 1930s that became open to the public in 1945. A young surgeon, Dr. Sidney Garfield, began the program in his 12-bed hospital in the Mojave Desert. He began a prepayment system that became popular with workers there, especially workers building ships at the Kaiser Shipyards. Soon, the group had 30,000 members, and only 10 years after going public at the end of the war, membership surged to 300,000. Today, Kaiser Southern California has over 3.2 million members, and Kaiser Permanente, which serves Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Ohio, the Pacific Northwest, and Mid-Atlantic states, has over 8.6 million total members.

At Kaiser Southern California, all medical decisions are made by doctors, not by actuaries or businessmen. The Permanente group of health professionals and doctors ensure that members always receive effective and efficient care using the most modern and accepted methods of diagnosis and treatment. The health group’s prepaid plans not only make care more affordable, but it allows them to focus on prevention and health maintenance as much as treating illness and injury after the fact.

The Kaiser healthcare group is also known for bringing together the most services under a single roof to make care and treatment as easy as possible for members. In fact, Kaiser’s system of healthcare has been proposed as a model for nationwide reform. Kaiser has also been a leader in adopting electronic medical records. Their HP HealthConnect System is the largest electronic medical record system in the nation, giving over 14,000 physicians instant access to member’s health records from any of their offices or hospitals.

Kaiser Permanente’s total facilities and professionals include 35 hospitals, 454 medical offices, 15,129 doctors, and 164,098 other employees. For the past three years, company operating revenues have been over $40 billion since 2008.

Kaiser Southern California offers three different types of health insurance plans: copayment plans, deductible plans, and HSA deductible plans.

Kaiser Southern California Copayment Plans
With a copayment plans, you benefit from always knowing the cost of services and treatments to help you plan financially. With no deductible, coverage is immediate and out-of-pocket expenses are always limited. Here are the available plans:

  • Copayment 25 – Out-of-pocket maximum is $2,500/$5,000 with no lifetime max. Office visits require a $25 copay, outpatient surgery is $100, inpatient care is $200/day, and emergency care and ambulance service is $100.
  • Copayment 40 – Out-of-pocket maximum is $3,000/$6,000, office copay is $40, outpatient surgery is $200, inpatient care is $350/day, and emergency care/ambulance is $200.
  • Copayment 50 – Out-of-pocket maximum is $3,500/$7,000, office copay is $50, outpatient surgery is $250, inpatient care is $500/day, and emergency/ambulance service is $300.

Kaiser Southern California Deductible Plans
Deductible plans require the member to pay full price until the annual deductible is met. After the deductible is met, then copayments apply. These plans are popular for their low monthly premiums. Plans include the following:

  • 20/500 – This plan has a $500/$1000 deductible with a $2,500/$5,000 maximum. After the deductible a $20 office copayment applies.
  • 25/1000 – This plan has a $1,000/$2,000 deductible with a $3,000/$6,000 maximum. Copayments are $25 after the deductible is met.
  • 30/1500 – This plan has a $1,500/$3,000 deductible with a $3,500/$7,000 maximum. The copayment is $30 after the deductible is met.

Kaiser Southern California HSA-Qualified Deductible Plans
These plans have low monthly premiums and federal tax exemptions for the health savings account. Once deductibles are paid, copayments are required. Here are the popular plans of this type:

  • 0/1500 with HSA – The deductible is $1,500/$3,000, and the annual out-of-pocket maximum is $3,000/$6,000. Office visits are free after the deductible is met.
  • 0/2700 with HSA – The deductible is $2,700/$5,400, and the max is $5,000/$10,000. There is no copayment for office visits once the deductible is paid.
  • 30/2700 with HSA – This plan is identical to the 0/2700 plan except that a $30 office copayment is require after the deductible is met.
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