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Software Video Conferencing - The Benefits of Software Video Conferencing

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Software video conferencing has come a long way in the past ten years. Although video conferencing was first used in the 1960s, there was no way for it to be cost-effective for individuals or even most businesses even after the first personal computers hit the scene. Cameras were expensive, processor power was not up to speed, and transmitting the images in real time across existing networks was next to impossible.

The real advances in software video conferencing came about due to the popularity of personal chatting. Before chat software and instant messaging became popular, video communication was still considered too expensive to be able to profit from it. Only a small niche of top-level businesses could afford it, and most balked at such bad quality being used for important meetings. Software developers began to realize that personal chatters didn’t have such hang-ups about quality pictures and lagging service. These instant messenger services served as a testing ground to develop what we have today.

Today, quality HD video cameras cost less than $100, and standard definition cameras come as a standard feature, so the hardware is no longer a concern. The most popular video conferencing software is free to use, requiring only a registration before the download. For a subscription fee, you can upgrade the software with advanced features. For business use, specialist video conferencing software companies provide features that are useful for board meeting situations or for secure, top-level one-one business meetings.

Plenty of software video conferencing systems are provided through the web for a monthly subscription fee. The fees are usually based on the number of active users. Other software video conferencing is made to be loaded onto an in-house server for use by the company. Alternatively, it can be installed on laptops and desktop PCs for use by remote personnel. Some of the features in modern software video conferencing include the following:

  • Multiple-users – You can view and talk to multiple people simultaneously. A list of all users with some basic information can be included.
  • Moderation – One user is set as a moderator who can control the meeting, which includes inviting and barring parties, designating a speaker, and giving control of file sharing or presentations.
  • Presentations – Power Point or other presentation software can be shared/transmitted to all parties in the meeting.
  • One-to-one full duplex – This refers to the ability to enable private sessions within a larger group session.
  • Recording – The entire meeting can be recorded for sharing or archiving purposes.

If you or your company have yet to begin using software video conferencing, now is the time to get started. There are so many benefits to using this technology that it is almost a shame to not use it. Here are some of the benefits to software video conferencing:

Reduce Costs
Cost-efficiency is one of the top reasons that businesses choose to begin using software video conferencing. Money can be saved in numerous ways with this technology. Travel expenses are the number one type of cost-savings. It is no longer necessary to drive or even fly to a specific geographic location in order to have a meeting. It can be done anywhere there is a computer with the required software and an internet connection. Savings actually runs through most all of the other benefits of the software in one way or another.

Increase Productivity
Increased productivity is another way this software can save money. If employees and management are more productive, wages can be saved through less man-hours or by reorganizing job responsibilities. Productivity can also be increased through client meetings and by sharing files or presentations that would otherwise have to be delivered personally. Video conferencing can also be used for training purposes. Both in-house and client training can be effectively accomplished through video conferencing and shared presentations to multiple groups or individuals simultaneously instead of having to repeat the training for each person or location.

Save Time
Video conferencing software saves time in a number of ways. Most time-savings is directly related to the reduction in travel. Time savings can also be achieved by relating information to several individuals that would otherwise need to be notified personally. Time-sensitive projects greatly benefit from software video conferencing. Schedules are much easier to keep when you know a meeting can be set up any time at a moment’s notice.

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almost 5 years ago

Software video conferencing greatly benefits employers as it helps in cost reduction, increases productivity, saves time etc. One can use various web-video conferencing services such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. in order to conduct webinars, video conferences etc. Alternatively, one may even adopt appliance based deployment model such as RHUB web-video conferencing appliances.