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Baby Shower Baskets - Baby Showers and Baby Shower Baskets

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Expectant mothers are most often the recipients of a baby shower, but it is sometimes the case that the shower happens after the baby is born. The term “baby shower” is assumed to mean that the mother and child are “showered” with gifts. These events were traditionally held for the mother only, and women were the only attendees. It was a time for more experienced women and mothers to offer advice, lessons and family remedies to the expectant mother and was only needed for the first birth. Today, baby showers are a social event (no longer restricted to women) that brings friends and family closer together in anticipation of a new baby; these baby showers include advice but laughter, gifts and games are also included!

The baby shower is the send-off into motherhood and there are gifts, food and games that are planned for the event. The baby shower is centrally about gifts, so official invitations are sent out on behalf of the expectant parents. The baby shower can take place anytime and anywhere. The party is usually held in honor of impending baby, but it doesn’t have to be before the birth! Gifts are usually tailored to newborns; diapers, bottles, cribs and baby clothes are all good gifts to keep in mind for a baby shower.

There is much variety when it comes to baby showers and proper shower etiquette; these unwritten rules are changing all the time. It was once considered unacceptable to rub the belly of an expecting mother, however with the mother’s permission it has become a much more common occurrance. The celebration of the coming child has changed quite a bit from its roots and is still morphing today. Practices and traditions are newly formed, including appropriate gift ideas for mother and child. Baby shower baskets are becoming more and more popular as gift ideas for the mother/child duo and are a great way to help prepare a new mother for the birth of a first born child!

Baby shower baskets vary in sizes, colors, contents and meanings; there is a baby shower basket for everyone! These baby shower baskets are meant to pamper mother and child and to show how much you care. Gift baskets for the new mom include flowers, picture frames to hold the sonograms, chocolates, sweets and can even be packed with lotions and scents care for the body! Other traditional gifts in the baby shower baskets include stuffed animals, baby blankets and toys for newborns. There are baby shower baskets made especially for boys and baskets that are made especially for girls. For the expectant mothers that want to be surprised, there are neutral baskets that include soft colors and toys for either gender!

If you are looking for a ready-made gift basket for a baby shower, there are multiple online sites that make these gifts available to you. Websites like storkbabygiftbaskets.com and weshipbabygifts.com have an array of possible arrangements for any shower; online shopping centers like amazon.com can also provide you with ideas for baby gifts and baskets that are readily available. The most popular baby shower gift baskets are the personalized gift baskets! You can really make the event special by having baby items tailored to the child; engraving names and choosing colors are great ways to enhance a gift basket for any shower.

If you are feeling creative and have the time to create a baby shower basket, the process is fun and easy! A wicker basket filled with goodies does the trick! You can expand on your basket by adding color, adding accessories and personalizing the contents. Great “packing gifts” for inside the basket include bottles, diapers, bibs and newborn clothing, stuffed animals, picture books and items to pamper the new mom. The personal touches are up to you; baby blankets with the baby’s name engraved is always a special gift. You can add things like baby memory books and picture albums to prepare the new family for a future together!

When it comes to choosing a gift for a baby shower, you can’t go wrong. If you want to pick out something that will touch her heart and make any shower a success, a baby shower basket is always a smart choice!

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