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Calgary Canada Hotels - Calgary Canada Hotels Offer Charm and Western Ambiance

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Calgary has survived its rough and tumble beginnings to add a little polish to itself over the years. Hosting the Winter Olympics back in 1988 certainly helped to bring this smaller city to the fore of the world’s consciousness and gave the city an opportunity to grow and diversify. Calgary still has its rough western edges intact, but they are charming rather than threatening and the gloss of a modern city appeals to visitors seeking urban appeal. The outdoor world still reigns here, however, and many people come to join the locals in their pursuit of many recreational sports and activities like mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and kayaking.

With all that activity, tourists are bound to need a good place to sleep at night. Fortunately, Calgary is filled with interesting hotels that cater to a broad range of budgets and tastes. Everything from the cheap and functional to the ultra hip and expensive is available in one of Calgary’s fascinating quarters. Choosing which one is the perfect lodging is up to the opinion of the individual. There is something to love about nearly any Calgary Canada hotels.

The Kensington Riverside Inn definitely fits into the more expensive category among Calgary Canada hotels, but most visitors consider the price worthwhile. Situated in the lovely Kensington neighborhood, the property features the Chef’s Table restaurant where a celebrated chef prepares delicious meals that are savored by guests and locals alike. This low rise hotel, which is only two stories high boasts beautiful rooms that are not short on space. The décor is sleek, yet comfortable and the lounge is a great place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Close to downtown, the Kensington Riverside Inn is convenient for both business and leisure travelers among Calgary Canada hotels.

Another upscale property, the Westin Hotel Calgary, features a well known brand name along with sophistication and charm. A recent renovation brings this Calgary Canada hotel and each of its individual rooms to the forefront of lodgings in the city. Great attention to detail was paid in the remodeling effort, making for a comprehensive overhaul that delights the senses. The Westin pays tribute to Calgary’s rougher days by exhibiting an interior décor that is slightly western in theme. Mission style furniture and warm colors make for a welcome that is friendly yet refined. Four restaurants help guests enjoy their stay and the property takes great pride in their attempts to accommodate all members of the family, including children and pets.

For lodging that is truly on the cutting edge of style, travelers are encouraged to consider the Hotel Arts from Calgary Canada hotels. Opened in 2006, this property has quickly become the hip hangout for both locals and guests. The lounge at the Hotel Arts is hopping every night of the week – it is a great way to extend an active day spent in the outdoors. To contrast with the wild scene in the lounge, the hotel provides the Saint Germain restaurant, home to fine dining and quiet ambience. Rooms at the Hotel Arts all feature balconies and tasteful décor that is a relaxing change of pace from the frenzy of the lounge.

The International Hotel is a property that has aged gracefully since its grand opening in 1970. In its heyday, it was among the more elegant hotels among Calgary Canada hotels. Now it is considered a good choice for those traveling on a budget. Do not let the bargain prices lead to a belief that this is not a perfectly adequate Calgary Canada hotel. The property’s old fashioned charm is undeniably appealing and stylish, not at all like the typical, anonymous budget hotel experience. With a perfect location in the business district that is also close to shopping and dining opportunities, the International is still the Calgary Canada hotel of choice for many tourists.

Whether traveling on a budget or seeking the best accommodations that money can buy, Calgary Canada hotels appeal to any visitor. With many properties located in ideal situations for outdoor recreation or downtown urban club hopping, Calgary’s hotels make guests feel welcome with their unique charm.

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