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Helen Georgia Hotels - Find Friendly Service And Quality At All Helen Georgia Hotels

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Helen is a city in northern Georgia with a population of around 500 people. It’s one of the friendliest and most quaint towns in the U.S. What draws most vacationers to Helen is its natural beauty. Helen is situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee River. While not the largest mountain range, the Blue Ridge Mountains are known as one of the most scenic mountain ranges. The Chattahoochee River also falls into the scenic category. These mountains and river allow for great hiking and fishing; both are within walking distance from the town of Helen. This small Georgia town also has an amusement park, art galleries, a golf course, a driving range, miniature golf, a concert venue, and several gourmet restaurants. All together, Helen is the perfect place to visit if you appreciate nature, adventure, and/or small town America.

Despite the town’s small size, there are many hotels to choose from. In an effort to lead you in the right direction, only the top-rated Helen hotels have been listed here. The most popular Helen Georgia hotel is the Black Forest Bed & Breakfast, which also goes by the name of Black Forest Bed & Breakfast & Luxury Cabins. This is one of the highest rated Helen Georgia hotels, as it sports a high traveler rating of 4.5 stars. The Black Forest Bed & Breakfast is on the west side of town. Like all hotels in Helen Georgia, the rooms are clean and the staff is friendly. However, this hotel offers something that other Helen Georgia hotels do not. It’s not just a hotel, but a wedding venue. If you want picturesque scenery, clean air, and people who care, it’s highly recommended that you consider the Black Forest Bed & Breakfast for your wedding ceremony. Since this is one of the smallest hotels in Helen Georgia, it’s possible to book the entire hotel for a wedding party. If you’re going to stay at the Black Forest Bed & Breakfast, opt for the suite. It has a fireplace and a Jacuzzi and is well worth a little extra money. The address for the Black Forest Bed & Breakfast is 8902 N. Main Street. The phone number is 706-878-3995.

The Country Inn & Suites by Carlos Helen is the only other hotel in Helen Georgia with a traveler rating as high as 4.5 stars. It’s on the east side of town. The beds and pillows at this hotel are extremely comfortable, the complimentary breakfast offers hot and cold food, the location is superb, high-speed internet access is available, and there is a fitness center and an indoor pool. The address for the Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Helen is 877 Edel Weiss Strasse. The phone number is 706-878-9000.

The Quality Inn in Helen Georgia has a traveler rating of 4 stars, which is still very impressive. What makes it different from most other hotels in Helen Georgia is that it’s on the outskirts of town. This makes it close to many attractions, including Helen Water Park, Innsbruck Golf Club, and Unicoi State Park. It’s also near many different types of restaurants, which includes the Black Bear Dinner Theatre, the Old Bavaria Inn, Jordan’s Pizza, and The Troll. In addition to a superb location, the Quality Inn in Helen Georgia also has a reputation for great service. The staff will not hesitate to go out of their way for you. The Quality Inn is also one of the cheapest hotels in Helen Georgia. The address for the Quality Inn is 15 Yonah Street. The phone number is 706-878-2268.

The Best Western Riverpark Inn & Conference Center is best suited for two types of travelers. It’s a great choice for people who want to be within walking distance of the river. Swimming, fishing, and tubing will all be only a few steps away from your hotel room. The other type of traveler that will find the Best Western Inn & Conference Center to be a great choice are those who are traveling for business purposes. As the name indicates, this is also a conference center. It’s the only hotel in Helen Georgia with such amenities. Regardless of the reason for your travel, try to book a suite. They all have private balconies and mountain views. The address for the Best Western Inn & Conference Center is 8220 S. Main St. The phone number is 706-878-2111.

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