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Florida Holiday Packages - Enjoy Your Vacation with Florida Holiday Packages

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When the weather outside has grown cool and damp, many turn their attention to a sunny warm spot for a getaway. The beautiful state of Florida is a natural choice for many. While the state boast many attractions from the celebrity laced nightlife of South Beach, to the fantasy found at Disney parks, it is easy to find something to do with your time. But with the prevalence of epidemic obesity in our country, this is also a time to find a healthy and fitness conscious getaway package.

Did you know that Florida offers many health conscious holiday packages? These unique getaway destinations are just as relaxing and enjoyable as the traditional landmarks, but will provide you with essential tools to help you arrive at or continue on a healthy lifestyle pathway. Fitness retreats are a way to begin a healthy journey. If you are heading to Florida, why not take a moment and learn more about these facilities that will help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health, and set you on a pathway to tone, shape, and redefine your muscles? When you return home you will not only be envied for having visited Florida, but you will be a better person from the inside out.

St. Petersburg, Florida, boasts Real Adventure Spas, which is a beautiful site offering a Biggest Loser type of retreat package. In the same general area you will find Getaway Fitness, which has a boot camp style operation. These healthy fitness camps are sure to help you rejuvenate and ignite your metabolism at the same time. They offer all-inclusive packages featuring healthy gourmet meals, heart-healthy snacks, and will teach you how to time snacking to meet with optimal weight management goals, a complete fitness assessment is also provided. Even if you are only able to getaway for a weekend, this would be a great way to relax and start on a new more health conscious life.

If you desire something along the Atlantic southern coast of Florida, with its pristine allure of soft sandy-white beaches, you may like to check out the Regency Wellness Resort and Spas. They offer nutritious vegetarian meals and a wonderful mixture of fitness and weight-loss programs. If you presently suffer from a chronic disease process like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or metabolic syndrome, this facility has staff trained to identify your specific needs and design a healthy individualized schedule with those needs in mind. Regency also offers an all-inclusive weight loss package designed to meet the needs of adolescents and teens. Could their be any greater gift to self or someone you love than to become healthier over the holidays?

If you are a fan of absolute luxury, and five star prices are not a concern, you may enjoy One Ocean Resort Hotel and Spa, a Remington Resort, near Jacksonville, Florida. Everything about this destination is opulent. Even the eloquent check-in process, where you are personally escorted to your room by your very own docent. A docent is an individual guide who takes care of your every need, from unpacking your bags, to ensuring your evening attire is pressed neatly, to making your spa reservations, your docent takes care of nearly everything. They offer a meditative lounge to spend quiet time in reflection promoting the release of tension and stress. If, in addition to fitness, you find you need a sense of stress-reduction, this may be the Florida holiday package for you.

This is but a sample of the wonderful health conscious getaways you can find in the great state of Florida this holiday season. You will find packages to fit most budgets and meet any families needs.

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