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Grand Lake Hotels - Grand Lake Hotel Rentals

the inn gateway inn

Grand Lake is located in Grand County, Colorado and is a part of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The largest lake in Colorado is Grand Lake. Grand Lake has an assortment of hotels, vacation homes, cabins, condominiums, ranches, resorts, and cottage accommodations. There are also miles of campground that tourists can use to have barbecues and hike through the mountains. The scenery at Grand Lake has some of the most spectacular views of the mountains, river, lake, and the wilderness. One of the most populated tourist spots in Grand Lake are in Village of Grand Lake and Granby, which is a ski resort where tourists can fish, golf, and ski. The Rocky Mountain National Park surrounds most of the areas of Grand County and Grand Lake. The condominiums in Grand Lake have large decks that overlook the forest, mountains, and Grand Lake. The sunsets in the evenings are some of the most exhilarating scenes while staying in Grand Lake.

Grand Lake was once a mining city for silver metal. It was a popular destination choice back in the 1800s due to its incomparable vistas and beautiful landscapes. The landscapes and vistas are still just as breathtaking and the town still draws thousands of people to the Rocky Mountains every year. Grand Lakes is wonderful to visit whether it is summer, spring, winter, or fall. The summers are just as breathtaking with the forests full of bright green fir trees as they are in the winter with white snow covering every inch of the park. The skiing is some of the best in the winter. The people that live in Grand Lake are friendly and the aura of the area has not changed in over one hundred years. The summer months are filled with many activities that include swimming in the lake, shopping, dining, horseback riding, attending theaters, and golfing. There are two other national parks that tourists can also visit, which are Roosevelt National Forest and Arapahoe National Forest. The abundance of wild life in these areas are a sight to be seen with black bears, cougars, Elk, bobcats, coyotes, deer, raccoons, and many other forest critters.

Grand Lake Hotel Rentals include:

The Inn

The Inn is located in downtown Grand Lake. It is a historical building that has kept its charming western appearance for many years. The lounge area greets tourists with a homey look of a fireplace that is over 100 years old, along with two modern reclining chairs for relaxation as the vacationers check into their rooms. There is a boardwalk on the outside of the hotel that takes visitors to the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Forest. The Inn is a two story building with a one whole balcony that wraps around the entire hotel. The Inn gives panoramic views of the mountains and forest areas. There are fifteen rooms on the second floor for the tourists. The bottom floor is the lounge, gift shop, a spa with massage therapies, and a barbecue grill restaurant. There are also shops along the boardwalk for tourists who love to shop before visiting Shadow Mountain Lake and Grand Lake for boating, swimming, hiking, and fishing expeditions. There are suites, deluxe suites, and studios with a bed and a sofa sleeper. The balcony has tables and chairs to sit out and enjoy the fresh air and views. The rates range from $89 to $109 a night.

Gateway Inn

The Gateway Inn is situated near the access point into Grand Lake. The rooms have king size beds, canopy beds, bunk beds, double queen beds, and futon couches. The beds are four poster beds with tall log wood posts that were handmade. Each room has a different style to it and they are all wheel chair accessible. The rooms have balconies with wonderful views of the mountains. The hotel also has elevators for conveinence. The rates range from $90 to $120 a night.

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