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Contact Lenses Buy Online - Before You Buy Contact Lenses Online

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Contact lenses to buy online are available from many reputable companies and are identical to the lenses offered by eye care professionals everywhere. Most of these companies maintain review pages concerning customer satisfaction, and additional information can be found by searching for the formal company name through a search engine. Ask a couple of friends if they have ever ordered contact lenses online, and which company was best according to their experience. When dealing with any health-related product, concern over quality and accuracy can cause hesitation. These companies are closely monitored, and the stock of lenses must be maintained for freshness. Expired lenses are returned to the manufacturers for credit or discarded. Prior to ordering contact lenses online, know the brand and type of lenses, gather the required information, and understand the return policy.

During the eye examination, the eye care professional will make specific recommendations concerning the most appropriate lenses to address your specific vision needs. Some patients decide on a brand based on advertising and word of mouth referrals, and the eye doctor will normally allow the patient to make the final decision. Professionals have inside knowledge and specific reasons for making recommendations. Consider the input from the person performing the eye exam prior to choosing a brand. Contact lenses you buy online are identical to what the optometrist would order, but prices are lower because of volume sales to people all over the country. While you are still with the doctor, write down the information provided including the lens types, colors, and what would be best to avoid. Do not try to remember all the specific recommendations concerning brands and types. Ask about some of the novelty lenses and the specific warnings the doctor might have concerning some of the fads in contact lenses available.

At the end of the eye exam, you are entitled to a copy of the full prescription for contact lenses or glasses. Federal law states that the information contained in the prescription is your property. No eye care professional can withhold the copy that you request. When you select an online contact lenses provider, you will be required to provide contact information for the eye doctor who provided that prescription. Upon receipt of your order, the prescription will be verified through a phone call to the eye care clinic. Within eight business hours, a response to the verification request must be provided. If the response is not received, the prescription is assumed to be valid, and the order is filled. The information contained in the prescription must be entered into the screen exactly like it is written. Every number within the written page from the eye exam has meaning, and omissions will result in an order that contains the wrong lenses. While you are waiting for the lenses to arrive, save the written prescription and keep it in a safe place.

When the lenses arrive, do not open any interior box of contact lenses before you verify every number against the original prescription from the eye care professional. Even one discrepancy means that the lenses are not the ones the doctor prescribed. If you have already opened a box and even inserted a lens into your eye, that lens and the box are no longer returnable. Whether the mistake was an entry error on your part, or the online contact lens provider made an error, revisit the website and read the return instructions. Contact the company for a return authorization and carefully follow every step. When you reorder, double check every number for accuracy. When the replacements arrive, check the labels on every box. Remember to leave every box unopened in case there is a problem.

Care is taken to make the experience of ordering contact lenses online equal to the simplicity and accuracy of dealing face to face with an eye care provider. Because all health-related products are closely regulated and monitored for quality and freshness, the contact lenses you buy online will be what the doctor prescribed. Any good company values repeat customers as their lifeblood and will correct any mistakes in record time. Take the time to fill out a customer service feedback form so that your experience can help others to find the best online contact lens provider.

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