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Online Home Schools - Is an Online Home School Right for You?

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With home schooling growing exponentially every year in the United States, many parents are turning to online home schools to ensure that their children are reaping the benefits of home schooling and getting a good and well-rounded education. As with any educational method, online home schools work well for some families, but not for others. Weigh the pros and cons of online educational programs before deciding how you will home school your children.

One benefit to online home school programs is that they often allow you to follow your state’s compulsory education law in a stress-free manner. When putting together your own curriculum or simply purchasing a curriculum-in-a-box, you may have to keep careful records, including grades, class schedules and assessments, to turn in to your local superintendent. Online schools, however, usually handle the record-keeping. If you live in a state that has very strict home school laws, or if you do not feel comfortable keeping your own records, an online home school program may be the way to go.

Another advantage to using online home school programs is that your child will be able to take classes in all of the core subjects, plus electives. If you are unsure as to what to teach in mathematics class or which time period you should cover in history, your home school program will ease your mind by providing your child with age- and grade level-appropriate material.

When deciding which type of online home school to use for your child, it is important to read reviews and get as much information as possible from the school. Some parents prefer an accredited program, while others are more concerned with whether the school follows a specific educational philosophy. Find out whether the online home school that you are considering is a religious program, and if it is, read through the statement of faith to be sure that you agree to have your child learn the tenets of the religion. Similarly, if you are choosing a secular home school program, ask questions to be sure that sensitive topics are handled in the way that you would prefer.

Some families find that they dislike having to be accountable to an online home school, especially if they have never sent their children to school before. Others may find that they material is too challenging or not challenging enough for their child. Make sure that you understand the withdrawal and refund policies of any online home school that you are considering.

As with anything, choosing an online home school can be a daunting task. By talking to other parents, reading literature carefully and speaking with the school’s representatives on the telephone, you can conduct enough research on the various types of programs available to be sure that you are choosing the school that fits your family best.

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