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Universal Garage Remote - Is a Universal Garage Remote Really Universal?

door opener code models

Few household appliances provide more peace of mind and convenience than the garage door opener that lifts the garage door in response to a simple button on the universal garage remote. Sturdy garage door openers last for years and during that time ownership changes and original remote controls are lost, damaged, and worn out. Years ago, the market cried out for an answer to the need to replace remote controls without having to replace the opener. Inventors went to the drawing board and the universal opener was born, but one remote will not communicate with every opener in use today. When seeking to purchase a replacement remote, know the following about the garage door opener: brand details, programming method, and encryption capability.

Carefully climb the ladder to the level where the garage door opener is within reach and remove the cover to reveal the product information plate. Write down every piece of information on the plate including the label order. Search online for compatibility charts to find possible universal remote models that will communicate with the opener and lift the garage door. Manufacturer names are cryptic because smaller companies were purchased by the large companies, and some of the names were changed. Research on the brand name will yield less information than going directly to a universal garage remote website and looking at the brand lists. Model number and the year manufactured are important details for the remotes that cover ranges of models and years.

Even if you cannot find specific information about the make and model of the opener, determine the programming method from the set of dip switches that are found under the cover. Models may have a 5, 7, 9, or 12-switch set. The remote must have a matching switch set to communicate with the opener and open the garage door. There are code-finding remotes that will literally read the code set in the opener and set itself to the same code automatically. Whatever the method, knowledge of the opener’s profile is required to find the best replacement remote to operate the door. Stand inside the garage with the door closed and activate the code search. When the two devices communicate because the code has been found, the door will rise. If the door has not been used for an extended period, monitor the sound of the opener and stop the motion if any strain is encountered. Lubricate the mechanism thoroughly and again attempt to activate the opener. Constant strain on the door will ruin the opener.

The most advanced garage door openers have encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access to the property. While most manufacturers produce replacement remotes for the current models, there are some models that have fallen out of production, but the universal garage remote model with an encryption chip can operate the garage opener. Universal openers for these advanced models may not solve the real issue because they may trigger a neighbor’s door when opening yours. Watch the other garage doors in the neighborhood when you first start to use the new remote. When the remote scans for the code in the opener, it will stop on the code that triggers a door, but the answer to the remote may come from someone else’s door without lifting the door you intend to open. Make sure to visit the neighbor if this happens to tell them what happened. The other door will need to be closed and will prevent a visit from the police that could change the tone of the evening.

Some universal remotes claim to operate any model of certain brand names, but knowing specific information will confirm this claim or prove that another selection would be more appropriate. Shop around and do not choose the easiest to find remote without consulting with the website customer service department to confirm the selection. All the written information in the world will not compare to the living knowledge of a product’s performance that comes from customer feedback.

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