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East Hartford Home - Homes in East Hartford, CT

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East Hartford is a small town in Connecticut that stretches 18.8 square miles and is home to just over 50,000 people. Prior to 1823, the cities of East and West Hartford and Manchester made up a solid city, but are now recognized as separate entities. Though a small stretch of land, East Hartford is an industrial city with much to offer its inhabitants. United Technologies has headquarters in East Hartford, which provides jobs for over 5,000 people. There is a Coca-Cola bottling plant located in the city, and several other businesses and bits of industry scattered throughout the city.

The Connecticut River is a beautiful backdrop to up-and-coming development in the city; car dealerships, retail establishments and legal/medical offices are available to provide services to those who need them. Outside of industry operations and local business, East Hartford has beauty and entertainment to offer its residents. Wickham Park is a popular spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors, as it offers Oriental gardens, picnic areas, large fields, ponds and ornamental fountains. There is also an aviary and softball fields to entice the athletic and adventurous. The views from Wickham Park provide a spectacular look at East Hartford and the skyline that is located across the Connecticut River.

East Hartford is also tailored for student living, as Goodwin College has recently begun development on a large campus with plans to rennovate old housing projects into student living quarters. For those students (and other residents of the city) that enjoy the offers of Wickham Park, Rentschler Field is home to Rentschler Stadium where the UCONN Huskies football team inspires a sense of pride and school spirit throughout the city. For other entertainment value, the stadium has also been used previously for concerts and live entertainment, hosting such artists as The Rolling Stones. The unused parts of Rentschler Field are currently being redeveloped for a billion dollar project that includes enhanced technologies, hotels, retail establishments and entertainment in the future.

Neighborhoods in East Hartford are diverse, holding both urban and surburban areas throughout the city. East Hartford homes that are located in the north and southeast sections of the city tend to favor middle class living that can be seen in neighboring towns, while the older sections of the city tend to be of a more urban, moderate to lower income setting.

Living in East Hartford has never been easier or more affordable and East Hartford homes are waiting for you! The economy is still showing that it is a buyer’s market, and sale prices reflect that fact. In East Hartford, a 3 bedroom / 2 bath single-family home can range from $140,000 – $200,000, which is quite a deal! You can also search for multi-family homes that are selling for as low as $100,000! You are not going to find a deal like that anywhere else, so if East Hartford sounds like a place that you can see yourself settling down in, you’ve got to do your research on East Hartford homes that are available! Century 21 has listings of beautiful homes at: http://www.trulia.com/CT/East_Hartford/. You can tailor your search to the exact specifications that you are looking for, or just browse the available inventory at your leisure. Most listings have multiple pictures availiable that will let you take an inside look at potential homes, and most of the prices have even been sliced by as much as $10,000 already!

If you are looking for a home in a quaint, developing town, East Hartford is definitely for you. It is small enough to feel at home and big enough to keep your interest for years to come!

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