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Florida Auto Rental - How to Get a Cheap Florida Auto Rental

online research special offers direct calling

If you are in need of a cheap Florida auto rental, you would be wise to observe three key tips that will help you to steer clear of overpriced rental agencies in the region. First, be sure to conduct extensive online research to compare the general rates of Florida auto rental agencies. Second, take time to search out special offers, including package travel deals from online travel companies. Third, do not be afraid to call your prospective Florida auto rental companies directly in order to negotiate pricing.

Online Research

A simple online search using your favorite search engine should yield a plethora of links to online rental agencies and travel companies. Take your time and compare the various prices of each company against the others in order to get a general idea of Florida car rental pricing standards. In so doing, you will be positioning yourself to instantly recognize an exceptionally good offer that stands apart from the rest.

Make sure that you check Florida auto rental agency websites as well as travel agency sites. Sometimes individual rental companies have better deals than travel sites; sometimes travel sites have better deals than rental agencies. You never know who will have the best prices until you do your homework.

Special Offers

During “off season” in Florida, you can sometimes land a better pricing deal than during peak summer months or in winter holiday times when people tend to migrate to the warm climate of Florida. Keep an eye out for special offers during the course of your research. In addition, you would be wise to pick up the local paper if you are already in Florida, as the classified ads can sometimes contain coupons that are not offered online.

In addition, both storefront and online travel agencies often offer package deals to consumers in order to stimulate business across various travel markets. These packages generally include a car rental and a hotel or a car rental and a hotel, plus an airline ticket. Not only can these ‘bundle deals’ save you money, they can also significantly streamline the planning process involved with your next trip to Florida. Save planning time and money by checking into travel packages offered through various travel agencies and discount vendors.

Direct Calling

Many people do not realize that you can often negotiate a better deal with rental agencies than is initially advertised. In the current economic slump, competition is fierce across virtually every market. Use this knowledge as leverage in negotiations; mention that you are looking into several other rental agencies and you may be surprised at how much each Florida auto rental company is willing to bend in their pricing.

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