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Texas Background Check - When it is Necessary to Perform a Texas Background Check

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Why Should One Perform a Texas Background Check?

Whether you live in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or any other city in Texas, it is both beneficial and essential to have the ability to perform a thorough Texas background check. There are many reasons for performing a background check, including for the simple purpose of protecting you and your family from potential harm. A background check is a low-cost way of gaining confidence and peace of mind.

The most common reasons for performing a background check in Texas, or anywhere else, are:

• Pre-employment screening: Most employers have their human resources department perform a criminal background check on prospective employees to ensure they do not have a criminal history.

• Tenant screening: All landlords should perform a criminal background check on a prospective tenant for the safety of both the landlord and other tenants.

• Dating screening: You would be wise to know of any criminal history before you get deeply involved in dating someone. It should also be done if your child begins dating someone. These are matters to be concerned with before becoming romantically involved.

• Childcare screening: If you rely on someone else to care for your children, for safety purposes you should perform a criminal background check. Never take a risk when it comes to the care of your children. There are over 52,000 registered sex offenders in Texas alone.

• Hired help screening: You should never hire any type of handyman or home service unless they come as a recommendation from a dependable reference. Even then, a simple Texas background check should be performed. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to pose as a reliable housekeeper or nanny and gain the trust of an innocent victim. Theft is another concern when it comes to hiring people to perform services in your home.

How Does One Perform a Texas Background Check?

Performing a Texas background check is relatively simple and affordable. It may end up costing you nothing. Texas Criminal records are public information, so they are accessible to everyone. Some tips on how to go about performing a Texas background check are:

• Check online sources for public information. In Texas, for example, there is a searchable database for nearly every sort of court case a person may have been involved in. As a plus, most states offer at least the basic information free of charge. A website you may want to use as a starting point is http://www.publicrecordcenter.com/texas_court_records.htm.

• Check his or her name on popular internet search engines. This service is free and could possibly pull up something significant.

• There are instant statewide Texas criminal background checks which can be performed. A good online resource is http://www.instantpeoplecheck.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid= class="caps">INSTANT-TX. This can be done for under $20, and it provides more extensive information than just the basics.

• There are background check websites which offer professional expertise and can guide you. Most are available at a reasonable fee. A good online resource is http://howtoinvestigate.com/.

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