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Memory Mattress Topper - The Benefits of a Memory Mattress Topper

foam body toppers properties

It is an unfortunate fact that innumerable people are plagued with insomnia each and every night. There are many reasons for this restlessness; for instance, anxiousness over various life issues or insufficient exercise during the day can keep one awake for hours come bedtime. However, one of the biggest reasons why people cannot get to sleep at night is that they try to rest on creaky, painful mattresses. Mattress producers have worked for years to design a product that is easier on the body that the common spring mattress. However, the best material was actually discovered by NASA in 1966, when the company’s research staff sought to improve the safety properties of its aircraft. This material is memory foam. Memory foam is a polyurethane compound which has unique, comfortable properties. By adding a memory mattress topper to his or her bed, one can greatly improve the quality of his or her nighttime rest.

Memory mattress toppers offer all the comfort of a full memory foam mattress without the expensive price. While memory foam mattresses are surely a fantastic luxury, many people simply cannot afford such products. These mattresses can cost up to thousands of dollars for a king or queen size. On the other hand, memory mattress toppers are usually quite affordable. They can be placed over any inexpensive spring mattress to make a cheap bed thousands of times more comfortable.

Some people believe that memory mattress toppers do not provide the same depth of relaxation that full memory foam mattresses do. However, if one understands the properties that cause memory foam mattresses to be so comfortable, it becomes apparent that this is simply not true. Memory foam is a synthetically produced chemical compound. The foam’s molecules are composed in such a way that they react to one’s body heat; when one lays down on a memory foam surface, the foam’s particles that are in contact with one’s body soften so that an indent is formed in the exact conformation that will best complement one’s shape. Whether one owns a full memory foam mattress of a memory foam mattress topper, there will still be an adequate amount of particles in contact with his or her body heat. The foam’s conforming properties work nearly as will in a mattress topper as in a full memory foam mattress because only the particles that actually come into contact with one’s body heat will have an effect on the product’s overall comfort.

Memory foam’s reshaping properties are not the only quality that make this material superior to others. For instance, a memory mattress topper helps to distribute one’s body weight evenly, avoiding excess pressure in any particular area. This helps to reduce soreness in areas such as the back, neck, or hips. Additionally, memory foam possesses temperature regulating properties that aid one’s comfort when he or she is sleeping. Memory foam particles retain heat. This allows memory mattress toppers to remain warm enough to soothe and relax the body without becoming uncomfortably hot.

When purchasing memory mattress toppers, there are a few criteria which one should keep in mind. Not all memory foam products are the same. This material is produced in a variety of different densities. Low density memory foam is the most plush of its class, and people who enjoy extremely soft and cushy sleeping surfaces will likely appreciate such a product. Unfortunately, low density memory foam is very delicate. Especially because memory mattress toppers are relatively thin, one will likely need to replace a low density topper after just a few years. On the other hand, high density foam is much firmer than low density foam, which some people might find to be slightly uncomfortable. However, it is also a very sturdy product that will last for a considerable amount of time. One must decide which option is best suited for his or her individual needs.

Finally, there are a few safety concerns to consider when buying memory mattress toppers. The odor of the polyurethane in memory foam can be irritating or even harmful to some people’s respiratory systems. Although the smell will reduce with time, one should ensure that he or she is not allergic to polyurethane materials before purchasing a memory mattress topper. Additionally, infants sometimes find memory foam to be difficult to maneuver through. Young kids should never be left alone on a memory foam surface to prevent possible suffocation.

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