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Park University Online - Going Online at Park University

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Park University, established in 1875, began as a run-of-the-mill college: a four-year, co-ed liberal arts college with a decided religious slant. Since then, it has adopted a new and unique mission: a bastion of quality fighting against the “diploma mills” permeating the internet. Although Park University does have several brick-and-mortar campuses, its implicit goal is to combat the stigma associated with online education. More than 50,000 students can attest to that.

College Profile

Park University is a four-year liberal arts university based out of Parkville, MO. It has facilities throughout Missouri and in twenty-one other states. But its passion is not in its ivory towers, but in its prestigious online courses. Several athletic and special interest programs complement this goal. Park University’s focus on academic rigor and flexible scheduling attracts students from across the world. Those in the military, in the workforce, or returning to education often choose Park University for its unique opportunities.

Admissions Procedure

To apply, applicants must fill out an online form and pay a nonrefundable $25 application fee. Education prerequisites include a completed high school diploma, GED or equivalent and a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all previous collegiate study from accredited higher education institutions. Some programs require more specialized or rigorous prerequisites. Necessary identification, official transcripts and other documentation complete the package. Within 48 hours of submission, an application submission will be made, and 48 hours afterwards, a Park University admissions counselor will contact the student to discuss enrollment procedure. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours with at least 12 hours in their major to be awarded a Park University diploma.

Degree Programs

Park University offers a gamut of accredited (NCACU) undergraduate online degrees, including majors in management (emphasis in computer information systems, marketing, logistics, etc.), criminal justice, sociology, and psychology. All online students pursuing a B.A. degree are required to choose a minor as well, which may include economics, English, geography, and more. Park University also offers six Master’s degree programs online, with a number of concentrations. A number of certifications, including Disaster and Emergency Management, Non-Profit Leadership, and Early Childhood Education, are also available. Altogether, Park offers over 315 online courses. Business, management, marketing, psychology and health services are some of the most popular programs.

Park’s effort to disseminate quality education online has not gone unnoticed. Recently, GetEducated.com ranked five of Park University’s online degree programs as best buys, and Park University consistently ranks among the top 25 online universities.

Online Course Structure

Online courses are taught by qualified and certified instructors in an accelerated eight week format. There are five terms, each starting respectively in January, March, June, August and October. Coursework is submitted online. At the end of each term, students must take a proctored final exam. If the student resides within one hour of a Park University campus, the student must take the quiz at that location under a Park University instructor. If not, the student can arrange to have a qualified proctor as a replacement.

Park University students note that they and their peers “do not simply gaze at their computer screens and complete assignments.” Online classrooms facilitate interaction between student and instructor and fellow students. Eight-week semesters allow for little down time, and students are forced to stay nimble on their mental toes.

24/7 Technical Help Desk

Online Park University students are treated to a king-and-queen routine of 24/7 assistance. A virtual help desk is always available to assist with technical difficulties, such as login errors and online classroom difficulties. Students are also eligible for five hours of free online tutoring in various subjects. An online bookstore and electronic database (Mcafee Memorial Library) complete the educational spa treatment.

Park University is no pedestrian diploma mill, shelling out signed scraps of paper to the desperate few with cash. Its online programs are designed to provide flexibility within a quality classroom to non-traditional students. While its curriculum is not designed for the A student, those without a 4.0 GPA will find a quality education within the doors – or at the website – of Park University online.

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