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Granite Bay Homes - Finding Good Deals on Granite Bay Homes

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The town of Granite Bay is an affluent suburb of Sacramento, California. Many people are seeking to move there to escape the trappings of the inner city for better schools and a better quality of life. However, Granite Bay homes can be expensive, even by California standards. Fortunately, it’s a buyer’s market for real estate and housing deals that are too good to be passed up are available to those who know where to look and what to do with the information. If you are interested in Granite Bay homes for your family or for real estate investment purposes, consider looking for homes that have been foreclosed. Banks are often willing to sell foreclosed homes for rock bottom prices in order to recover a portion of their money as quickly as possible. Foreclosed homes in Granite Bay present a once in a lifetime buying opportunity for people who have the resources and the know how to act on these chances.

One of the best places to find listings of Granite Bay homes that are in foreclosure or have been foreclosed is to check the websites of several banks in the area. Banks often post a list of foreclosed properties on their websites, which will give you an idea of where to look for a home in Granite Bay. Sometimes banks will post pictures of the foreclosed home and provide real estate agent listings that you can use to contact if you are interested in the home. It’s also helpful to search the websites of mortgage buyers like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which also list foreclosed homes in the area to which they hold the mortgage papers.

Another place to find Granite Bay homes that are in foreclosure is to check government registries for homes that are owned by the federal government. The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) maintains a listing of foreclosed properties that it owns on its website. Like bank websites, HUD provides contact information that you can use to contact the real estate agent that is in charge of selling the house. One negative aspect about buying one of these homes is that the government sells them “as is,” which can be a mixed bag for buyers. If you’re looking to buy the home for a real estate investment that you would like to flip, purchasing one of these homes may be to your advantage, since during the flipping process, you will likely do renovations and remodeling anyway. However, if you are looking to find a good deal for your family home and don’t have a lot of money to spend to fix the house up, you might want to look elsewhere.

Checking your local newspaper for foreclosed Granite Bay homes can also be a good source of information. Many newspapers will have a weekly list of homes that have been recently foreclosed in their classified ads section or where they print their public announcements. Sometimes, these listings are filed on their websites, which can allow you to search a large number of listings at once.

You can also find information about foreclosed homes in Granite Bay by checking records at the county assessor’s office. This local government agency is responsible for keeping information about any change in property ownership in the area, which includes foreclosure listings. You can make a trip to the office in person or visit their website, which may be quicker.

If you don’t think that you can find the perfect home in Granite Bay on your own that will fall into your price range, consider hiring a real estate agent. Yes, you will have to pay the agent a commission, but they will do all of the grunt work for you in finding a foreclosed home that you can purchase. Often, real estate agents have networks and contacts that they can use in order to help you find the right home. They are also very familiar with the real estate market, which gives them edge over you in knowing where to look for homes that meet your requirements.

Finally, you can pay a small fee for access to information about foreclosed Granite Bay homes through foreclosure listing services. These services scour public records and computer databases to compile a list of properties for you.

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