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Eureka Boss Vacuum - Eureka Boss Vacuum from Electrolux

pet model cleaning hair

The Electrolux name has been synonymous with home care products for decades. One of their product lines is Eureka, who offers a diverse line of vacuum cleaners.
One of the model lines offered is the Eureka Boss Vacuum, which has three models to choose from.

The Boss | 1934B
Weighing in at just over 10 pounds, the Boss 1934B is the most basic model in the Eureka Boss Vacuum line. The powerful 5 amp motor facilitates deep cleaning ability. An 11 quart replaceable dust bag allows for longer vacuums before changing. The 20 ft. cord allows for mobility and large room cleaning.

Designed to address the specific needs of pet owners, the Boss 4D Pet Fresh model features a 12 amp motor capable of picking up tough pet hair and dander. At over 24 pounds, the Boss 4D Pet Fresh has a wider cleaning area and a longer cord length than the basic Boss model. It also utilizes bagless technology, requiring only and emptying of the canister.

The Boss 4D Pet Fresh also has the trademark Pet Power Paw, designed to remove pet hair from carpet and other types of fabric. It works by implementing a set of plastic teeth that separate the hair from the fabric, where it can be picked up by a rubber strip. Bristles then remove and dispose of the hair. This particular Eureka Boss Vacuum has a HEPA filter system that utilizes Pet Fresh, which captures allergens while providing twice the odor eliminating power of baking soda. A pet upholstery brush is also included to remove pet hair from tight spaces.
Additional accessories include a nested wand/crevice, a dusting brush, and a telescopic self cleaning duster. The Boss 4D Pet Fresh model and the HEPA filters are available only at Walmart.

The most comprehensive of the Eureka Boss Vacuum line is the Boss SmartVac. Featuring 5 different models, the SmartVac is the signature model in the Boss line.

Model 4870MZ
Although lighter than the Boss 4D Petfresh, the 4870MZ also boasts a 12 amp motor, along with a 30 ft. cord and 15 inch cleaning path. The sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens. A high filtration bag captures dust more effectively than bagless models.

Model 4870PZ
Offer the same cleaning power as the 4870MZ, this model captures more dirt on various surfaces than other models. It also has the sealed HEPA filter system. Additional accessories include the deluxe upholstery tool and the dusting and crevice tool.

Pet Lover | 4870SZX
Featuring the trademark Pet Power Paw to remove pet hair from carpet and upholstery, the 4870SZX also has a sealed HEPA filter system to reduce pet dander and reduce odor with and odor eliminating bag.

Pet Lover | 4870SZ
The second of the Eureka Boss Vacuum Pet Lover series, it has the same features as the 4870SZX and offers additional cleaning tools for cleaning tight spots.

This Eureka Boss Vacuum model features On-Guard antimicrobial brushroll bristles to protect bristles from odors caused by various factors such as bacteria and mold. It also features and odor eliminating bag. The on/off brushroll switch makes the 4870T idea on carpets or floors. As with all Eureka Boss Vacuum models, with the exception of the basic Boss, this model also has a 12 amp motor and 30 ft. cord.

The Eureka Boss Vacuum line of floor cleaners offers cleaning solutions for just about any household. With a total of 7 models to choose from, the Eureka Boss Vacuum addresses issues from cleaning to picking up hard to get pet hair, allergen reduction and odor elimination.

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Is the 4870SZX pet lover model available and how much