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Exabyte Tape Drives - Using Exabyte Tape Drives

data storage files backup

Exabyte tape drives are intended for long term archival storage and are a necessary part of data libraries. The Exabyte brand is reliable and trustworthy, making it possible for many companies and organizations to backup their data to a stable medium. Magnetic data tapes are known for their stability and their long shelf life, and newer tape drives can read data as fast as 80 megabits per second, making it possible to retrieve the data one wishes to view very fast. Exabyte tape drives rival even the most sophisticated SD card readers and DVD ROM drives, and these tape drives are more useful for the application of archiving data for long term referral and usage. Anything from photos to legal documentation can be backed up on storage tapes, and it makes sense to use the most reliable medium possible for these kinds of storage purposes. Tapes are safely stored in hard plastic to protect them from corrosion.

The Exabyte 11100206 Tape Cartridge is compatible with Exabyte models of tape drives, and these kinds of tape drives will allow for the kind of archival storage needed by big companies, legal organizations, and official courts and government agencies. This tape cartridge has a shelf life of 30 years, making it practical for all sorts of electronic document storage capacities. The typical storage capacity for an Exabyte tape cartridge is from 80 to 160 gigabytes, which leaves plenty of room to correlate and organize files pertaining to a particular subject, legal case, or business focus. Exabyte tape drives cost from $1,000 and up, and the protection one receives for the amount of money spent on this kind of technology always pays off, particularly for business entities which need the ability to store large amounts of data for years at a time. When you need to be sure that your data stays put and in an uncorrupted form, these tape cartridges and tape drives are the tools you need to turn to. The Exabyte 115.02601 External Packet tape drive kit allows data streams up to 24 megabits per second for compressed data and 12 megabits per second for uncompressed or native data streams. This is a heavy duty tape drive designed to let you backup your files in the event of a disaster. Exabyte tape drive systems are reliable and consistent in their performance and ability to let you accurately convert all your lines of code without any error or data problems from poor operating system performance or malware.

The lightweight design of Exabyte tape drives makes them practical for use in a small office or an IT department. It isn’t difficult to move them from one server or desktop computer to another due to this design. Easy to install and setup, Exabyte tape drives are engineered smartly to allow for better and faster performance and transference of essential documents from one computer to another, or for backup and archive copies of files that are essential to a corporate entity or legal proceeding. Computer users of all levels of experience will be able to make use of this technology, and essential backups should be part of every individual computer user or company’s long term plan for viability. Those who conduct personal business such as finances and stock trading should keep their electronic records safe from accidental erasure, and the medium of tape cartridges makes it easy. Much in the same way that paper documents are preserved through careful filing systems or lamination, tape cartridges allow electronic documentation to be organized in the way the user sees fit, and it is safe from erasure or outside intrusion. Password-protection is a possibility with these technologies, too, giving you added security when accessing your files. Exabyte is the brand people go to for data protection and backup, and their know-how and experience makes them a prime choice for users who want to be able to backup files from their hard drive for many years. For financial purposes, it doesn’t get any easier for an organization to protect the files and documents that matter most, with long term storage capabilities for every financial matter, and thorough documentation to backup every quarterly report. Exabyte tape drives pay for themselves due to their ease of use and superior data writing capabilities.

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