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Mattress Pad Foam - Information to know when choosing a foam mattress pad

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In the 1970’s NASA developed a product that would conform to astronauts bodies during take-off. This product was developed to help the astronauts withstand the g-forces that were experienced as lift-off commenced. Although the product that they developed did not suit their needs, it was soon discovered that this foam product, which conformed to the body could be used in the creation of mattress pads and toppers.

During the invention process, NASA first created foam shells that were molded to each astronauts body. While this idea worked in concept, it was soon discovered that g-forces caused the body to move out of position within the shell. Armed with this knowledge, NASA used technology to create what is known as visco-elastic foam, or memory foam, meaning that the foam material would conform to the shape, weight, and size of the body, and would also spring back into its original shape once the weight of the body was removed.

Foam mattress tops are designed to allow the mattress to contour to the body and relieve the pressure points on the areas of the body that press against the bed. Mattress foam pads while initially very expensive, have lowered in price and availability to the point that they have become extremely popular. While slightly more expensive than traditional mattress pads, foam mattress tops are a good investment because not only are they comfortable, they are also durable. The average mattress pad lasts approximately one to three years, while a high quality foam mattress top can last up to twenty years.

A foam bed mattress removes the pressure points on a person’s shoulders and hips if a side sleeper, from the neck if a stomach sleeper, and from the back and pelvic area of a back sleeper. This is due to the foam allowing for even distribution of the body, rather than just on the pressure points. A traditional spring style mattress, covered by a traditional mattress pad gives what is known as a “trampoline effect” when it is laid upon. The springs of these bend under weight, but then spring back tightly when a person moves during sleep. Foam mattress tops contour and curve around the body and do not subject the sleeper to the force of the “spring back.”

Those interested in purchasing a foam mattress top should take into consideration not only their weight, but also their height and their sleep style preference. The taller or heavier the customer, the more dense the mattress foam pad should be. The thickness of memory foam ranges between two inches to six inches. Those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs require a less dense foam than back or side sleepers. However, consumers should lie on each thickness of foam mattress toppers and decide what feels the most comfortable to them.

Because not all foam mattress tops and pads are created the same, consumers should research the brand of the mattress top they are interested in purchasing. While many mattress tops are touted as being low-price, some unethical manufacturers use harmful and dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde during the creation of their mattress foam pads. In addition, some manufacturers may use outdated processes in the creation of their foam bed mattress, therefore, it is best to read and compare the specifications and materials used on each foam mattress top.

Although memory foam mattress tops are breathable, they are also sensitive to temperature. This means that during the summer, the mattress top may become hot as it absorbs the body heat of the person sleeping upon it. Likewise, in the winter, the mattress foam pad can take on the cooler temperatures of the bedroom. Due to this, manufacturers have now created covers for the foam mattress tops. Cotton covers can be used to wick heat and moisture away from a sleeping body, thus lowering body temperature, while heated mattress covers can be used in the winter to pre-warm the pads.

Anyone who has ever woken from a sound sleep the next morning to stiffness and soreness, or with back and lower back pain, or who has spent a restless night tossing and turning, should consider making the investment in a foam mattress pad or top.

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