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Adelaide Australia Hotels - Hotels and Vacationing in Adelaide, Australia

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If you are planning a vacation, be sure to include Australia in your list of potential destinations. Australia is a very popular vacationing spot and tourist attraction because of its rich culture and beautiful sights, drawing people back to the Australia again and again.

Adelaide is the fifth largest city in all of Australia, and the capital of South Australia. Adelaide is also the most populated city in South Australia, and for good reason! It is a beautiful location with much to offer its residents and visitors to the city. Adelaide is located on the shores of and in between St. Vincent Gulf and Mount Lofty Ranges. The sights are memorable and the activities are endless. Adelaide is most noted for its festivals which accrue much attention throughout Australia. Adelaide’s sporting events, diverse food, drink and culture is a defining characteristic of the city, as is its luxurious beachfronts. Adelaide continuously ranks highly in the Economist’s “World’s Most Liveable Cities” index!

When visiting Australia, head down to the southern coast to stay in Adelaide, home to many different types of fun and festivals! The historical Adelaide Festival of Arts spawned more modern day festivals that continue annually: the Caberet Festival, Film Festival, Festival of Ideas and many others have made their home in Adelaide. If you are in Adelaide during the festivals, be sure to attend FEAST, a major Australian tradition and celebration! Celebrations continue with a food and wine event and an agricultural show and state fair. In Adelaide over the Christmas holiday? Adelaide is home to the world’s largest Christmas parade!

Aside from street festivals and parades, vacationing in Adelaide has a cultural, sophisticated side, as well. With art galleries, botanical gardens, monumental museums, Adelaide is a focal point for entertainment and cultural activity in Australia. In addition, don’t miss the magical music of Adelaide which has produced some national and international sensations in the past! American sensations Ben Folds and Orianthi have both hailed from Adelaide, Australia and you are likely to see musical talent that inspires and entertains you!

Adelaide is an entertainment gem, and contains something for everyone! Sports fans will find something to partake in when visiting Adelaide; soccer and cricket are played regularly throughout the city, as well as holding national basketball competitions and even an Australian Grand Prix!

Hotels in Adelaide, Australia are first class. The city is full of 4 and 5 star hotels that provide quality accomodations while exposing guests to a world-class vacation! From hostels and bungalows to Hilton’s and luxurious suites, hotels in Adelaide, Australia meet the needs of every tourist. If you are looking to “stay in style,” Adelaide has what you are looking for! There are luxurious rooms in the heart of the city that boast quality, assurance and entertainment beyond measure.

If you are looking for a hotel in Adelaide, Australia, travel sites can help you pick the right room at the right price. You can search each listing and find just what you are looking for to make your vacation to Adelaide, Australia the best that it can be! Pick a hotel with a view of the beach, a hotel with over the top amenities or a place to stop while backpacking; Adelaide has it all!

You will not be disappointed when visiting Adelaide, Australia, especially if the accomodations are just right. There is nothing worse than getting to your desired destination to find out that you are staying in a hotel that is not up to par, does not live up to its reviews, or has service and amenities that are less than average. Plan your vacation the right way! Explore the hotels of Adelaide, Australia and find exactly what you are looking for. In Adelaide, they never settle for less than the best!

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