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Windows Xp Sale - Taking Advantage of a Windows XP Sale

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One of Microsoft’s most successful operating systems in the company’s history was Windows XP. After many years of suffering criticism with Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME, Microsoft scored an almost universal hit with Windows XP. Windows XP brought Microsoft’s stable NT core, which had been targeted at business, to the home computer owner. With that change in operating system architecture, Microsoft gave its home user base the most stable operating system that it had developed to that point. Now, several years and two new operating systems later, people still use Windows XP because of its stability and reliability. However, by 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP completely. Even today, they offer limited support for the tried and true operating system, but people still want to use it. If you like Windows XP and want to use it on future computers, take advantage of any Windows XP sale that may be available to you. Since Windows Vista and Windows 7 are on the market, there are deals to be had on the older Windows XP operating system.

When it came out, shoppers had one choice to decide on when making a Windows XP purchase. That decision was whether to choose Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition. Microsoft targeted Windows XP Home Edition for the average person to use on their own desktop computers. Windows XP Professional Edition however was targeted at businesses, which need more powerful networking and security features. Both systems share the same core components, however, Windows XP Professional Edition includes multiprocessor support, better backup features, enhanced security, remote desktop assistance, better network support, and 64-bit support among other things. Because most modern computers have dual core processors, when you make a Windows XP purchase, opt for the Professional Edition. Windows XP Professional costs much more than Windows Home Edition, but it is worth the premium price. You will have all the features of the Home Edition and a great many more features.

One of the best places to find Windows XP cheap is through academic institutions. If you are a student, you can buy Windows XP on sale for prices that are greatly discounted from retail prices. This is because Microsoft has deals with colleges and university to offer its products to students at greatly reduced prices. If you are not a student, you may have friends or relatives that are, who may be able to purchase Windows XP for you. You may also qualify for this discount if you are a faculty member of a school or are employed by an institute of higher learning.

Another way to buy Windows XP cheap is to purchase an OEM version. The acronym OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, the companies and factories that produce computer systems. These OEM companies buy Windows XP at wholesale and bulk prices in order to install it on all of the computers that they produce. Often, software retailers will sell OEM copies of Windows XP that are aimed at professionals who run small computer shops. These OEM copies of Windows XP are inexpensive compared to the retail versions for several reasons. First of all, OEM Windows XP disks do not come in any fancy packaging or boxes. When you buy an OEM copy of Windows XP, you will get the disk in a disk jacket that has the product key on it. Next, you will not get a product manual with your Windows XP purchase. Finally, you may only be able to install the OEM version for a limited number of times on your computer. If you are technically experienced with computers, buying an OEM copy of Windows XP may be your best option.

Finally, you can always try to find a sale on Windows XP at a software retailer. Although most places do not put operating systems on sale, they do get marked down occasionally. With newer operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 available, some retailers may be reducing their prices of Windows XP in order to clear out inventory and to make room for Microsoft’s newer products. Shopping online for Windows XP on sale can provide the best prices since in most cases you will not have to pay sales tax, which can amount to a significant savings on top of already low prices.

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