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Jobs In The Nhs - How Many Jobs in the NHS?

health cut care website

If one relied only on the plethora of jobs appearing on the NHS job-recruiting website, one would be certain that all is rosy at the National Health. A list of the benefits of employment reads like an employee’s dream job. As an employer, the National Health Service has positioned itself to provide a smooth conduit between potential employees and available positions. In fact, there are thousands of jobs to be browsed on their website, http://www.jobs.nhs.uk, a massive resource for anyone wishing a job in the NHS.

The National Health Service adheres to a pay system called Agenda for Change, (AfC) applicable to all but most senior management, doctors, and dentists, which calls for:
•Pay scale according to an employee’s training and experience
•Training and advancement opportunities
•No more than 37.5-hour workweek
•Twenty-seven days of paid holiday annually, plus 8 more days for holidays. This number increases to 33 days after a decade on the job.

The NHS knows that a healthy balance of work and life pays off in healthier, happier, more effective workers, which is why, in 2000, it introduced the Improving Working Lives (IWL) initiative, which presented many innovative ideas to reduce stress in worker’s lives, so that they would be better able to focus on their jobs in the NHS. Things like job-sharing, part-time and flexible working schedules make it easier for workers to manage their lives and their work. Childcare assistance, help in meeting other commitments like educational or family responsibilities, extended breaks to look after family members in need of special care, counseling and other health services, are all available to anyone with a job in the NHS. Training, regular reviews and planning help for your personal career progress ensure job satisfaction when you join the NHS.

The website could not be easier to manage. It is transparent, giving all details of a job fully, including location, salary, complete details, and contact information, including telephone. It is easy to find a good fit for jobs in the NHS at this website, which allows one to search most recent jobs, browse categories of jobs, or design a search to fit your specific needs.

If more evidence is needed of the excellence of National Health Service jobs, look no further than a generous guaranteed pension scheme, with excellent benefits and fully protected against inflation.

The impression given is that there are thousands of medical, administrative and support staff jobs currently available in the NHS, but news reports in the face of government mandates to cut 20% from the NHS budget over the near term paint a more perilous picture of health care in the UK. Thousands of jobs have been cut since mid 2010, in an effort to comply with the order to cut expenses. Moreover, the recent budget gives but a thin funding increase to the NHS – £10bn over 4 years. According to the Royal College of Nursing, RCN, which provides union representation to UK nurses, "The reality is that this small increase at a time of soaring demand and the rising costs of health care, will still feel like a cut.”

In fact, already across the UK, many jobs in the NHS have been cut, despite government’s promises to preserve nursing positions. This is the first wave of cuts intended to bring expenses in line with available funding, and jobs in every area will feel the strain. The Department of Health’s presentation to Parliament in July of 2010, “Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS,” makes the point that frontline staff in patient care will be preserved, and bureaucracy streamlined, cutting high wage jobs to reduce costs.

Dr Peter Carter, general secretary of the RCN, said: ’’We are in no doubt that politicians genuinely want to protect frontline services and the vital care they deliver to patients. However, there appears to be a gulf between rhetoric and reality when it comes to finding efficiencies in the NHS. Despite assurances that the NHS budget will be protected, the reality is that locally, trusts are making deep and dangerous cuts to staff numbers now, with further cuts planned for the future.”

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