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Dale Tiffany Table Lamp - Dale Tiffany Table Lamps For the Home

glass shade look modern

Classic Tiffany lamps sell for thousands of dollars. Collectibles since the early 20th century, these lamps are renown for their quality craftsmanship and beautiful look. Since the 1970’s Dale Tiffany has been recreating classical designs and adding modern motifs to table lamps. Luxurious and lovely, they fit into any style home.

A classically styled Dale Tiffany table lamp is created and designed much like those crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 20th century. Each lamp shade begins as a drawing on card stock. Sheets of hand blown or rolled glass are laid out and sections of the overall design are traced upon them. Each sheet is then trimmed to match the pattern and laid together much like an old fashioned jig saw puzzle. When every piece is in place, then copper foil is used to hold them together until they can be soldered. Each shade is as unique as the glass with which it was made. Some may be faithful representations of a LC Tiffany design yet will still be different from their inspiration because of fluctuations in the glass as it was blown or rolled.

Famous glass designs recreated for the modern market include dragonfly, peacock and scallop designs. The dragonfly is popular due to its bright use of ambers and yellows. The peacock shimmers with green and blue hues. The scallop design seems the most feminine and subdued with subtle shading ideal for a reading nook.

The unique quality of a Dale Tiffany table lamp does not end with its shade. Some bases are of a light poly resin but burnished with a silver or mika bronze finish to appear as metal. These show off certain colors in the shade and hearken back to the late 19th century. They come in shapes and styles as varied single pole, hurricane style or double shades. Other bases are hand cast in metal to provide strength and durability to the ornate designs. If one looks carefully there just may be a dragon or cupid peering behind that base.

Dale Tiffany table lamps are not limited to the stained glass design. Hand painted lamps are quite popular and modern home owners look for sleek and clean lamps that brighten a room without overpowering it. Dale Tiffany produces many one-of-kind lamps that use classic forms but more modern materials. Some lamps have traditional pleated shades that compliment ornate crystal or acrylic bases. One can also choose to escape the past entirely with acrylic and crystal lamps with square or rectangular shades and sleek chrome stands.

The last factor one should use to determine which Dale Tiffany table lamp to take home is its height. Table lamps range from eleven inches to thirty one inches tall. They can be as narrow as eight inches across and as wide as eighteen. A low end table in a sitting room may do well with a small lamp, but that same end table in a room used for schoolwork might need a taller one.

The placement of a Dale Tiffany table lamp will have much to do with its longevity. Placed on an end table by the door it is likely to get damaged. Instead, look for a secluded work area or a deep table on which it can be placed. The opaque nature of the glass allows the light from its one or two 60 watt bulbs to spread well through out a room, so being removed from elbows will not make the room dark.

Finally, one must realize that a Dale Tiffany table lamp is a delicate piece of art. Hand painted or stained glass shades need to be cleaned with the mildest of abrasives to avoid scratching. Ammonia products can weaken crystal so they are not recommended. There is no need to use a polish on the metal bases. They reduce the thickness of the antique finish which can ruin the look and run the risk of electrical shock. The safest way to keep a Dale Tiffany table lamp in excellent condition is dusting and mild soap and water

A Dale Tiffany table lamp reminds people of an earlier time. With its sense of luxury and sophistication it will brighten any room.

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