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Teak Outdoor Table - How to Choose a Teak Outdoor Table

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Many homeowners may think that all wood outdoor furniture is made alike but nothing could be further from the truth. Some wood furniture is made from low quality or porous cuts of wood while others have the sturdy selections that last for years. Choosing a teak outdoor table will almost assuredly mean a lovely table to enjoy for a long time to come.

The first thing to look for in a teak outdoor table is the quality of the wood. In general, teak is a hard wood with its essential oils still intact. This protects the wood over time and through weathering. There are few pores for water to settle into thus preventing the wood form warping. Check into the manufacturing details. Teak wood cut from the heart of the tree will be sturdier and more weather resistant than that which is cobbled together from outer layers. It may cost a little more for the heartwood, but the longevity is worth it.

The next issue to consider is the desired look of the table over time. If one wishes to maintain the original rich brown color of the wood one should plan to rub the table with teak oil three or four times a year. It replenishes the oils lost to weathering and the color to its original luster. Some people do not have that much time to dedicate to table maintenance. They should consider sealing the table. A good sealer will protect the wood for up to two years. One could even alternate the treatments of oils and sealer in order to keep the table in good condition. A single use seal like that used for ships is not recommended. It does not allow the teak to breathe and could cause cracking.

Since teak is a hard wood, it actually weathers well. If one chooses to skip sealing or oiling all together, an outdoor table will lose color and fade to a shade of silvery gray. It seldom splinters as it ages, but a light sanding before and after the summer season should keep it smooth and safe for any use. One should not cover it with plastic for the same reason one does not use a marine varnish. Teak needs to be dry and well ventilated. Plastic sheeting allows water to condense under it and that can damage the wood. Move the table into a protected area, but leave it open to the air. It will last much longer.

Some modern manufacturers prefer to paint the teak. This hides the natural brown or weathered silver-gray color for those who like brighter shades for their patios. The paint may chip and fade before the teak loses a splinter, but yearly maintenance can keep any piece looking sharp past its prime.

Teak is harvested in several different locations. Some countries take great care to replenish the forest so there will be teak for generations to come. It is always nice to support companies that use resources wisely and plan for the future. These products also tend to show a quality of craftsmanship and pride that support their company’s long sightedness.

Once the teak top is decided upon, one must choose the stand. A light weight basket weave or wicker can support a teak top well and look quite rustic. Aluminum legs can make any table easier to move around. Solid teak tends to be heavy and so should be reserved for those pieces that will not be moved often. Dining tables and end tables placed close to protected areas would be candidates for solid teak construction.

There are still more issues to consider. The stands come in various designs. One can choose from legs that cross under the table top, singe center pole stands or more traditional four legged designs that carve the teak into any pattern. Rectangular, square or round in shape, teak outdoor tables are not designed to hold umbrellas through the center. Plan for a cantilever or offset umbrella to provide shade.

Teak is the wood of choice for many high end patios. While researching the correct choice may take time, one is guaranteed a quality piece of outdoor furniture that looks luxurious and lasts a lifetime.

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