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Lpn Nursing Jobs - LPN Nurses in Demand

health care lpn’s help

LPN nursing jobs are plentiful. There are a number of medical facilities where an LPN can put their skills to good use.

Hospital Nursing Jobs
Most LPN’s work in hospitals as a staff nurses. Usually a hospital nurse works in a particular department such as pediatrics, surgery, the maternity ward or the emergency room. An LPN is often supervised by an RN on the floor.

Physicians’ Offices
Some LPN nursing jobs are in the offices of doctors. In these positions LPN’s take patient’s vital signs, prepare patients for examinations, administer injections, dress wounds, update medical records and even assist with minor in-office surgery. LPN’s may help explain procedures or follow up care to patients.

Nursing Homes
Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities hire LPN’s to help in formulating care plans for patients. They also provide patient care, supervise nurses’ aides, give injections, dress wounds, dispense medications, and keep patients’ records up to date. In rehabilitation facilities nurses may help to assess patients, give patient care and prepare patients and their families to leave the facility and continue their healing at home.

Home Health Nursing
LPN’s may be hired by a home health care agency to visit patients’ homes and check on their condition, take their vital signs, start IV’s, and administer medications. LPN nursing jobs in home health care may require the nurse to teach the family of the patient to dress a wound, observe the patient for problems and provide daily care. They may have a specialty such as visiting a new mother to help with breastfeeding instruction and baby care.

Public Health Nursing
LPN nursing jobs in government agencies or nonprofit agencies may include work at schools, public clinic, community centers or senior care facilities. LPN’s may help to plan and implement programs to improve the health of the community. They may also help families to learn about nutrition, caring for children or preventing illnesses. Those who work in public clinics may administer immunizations or do health screening. LPN nursing jobs in public health require good people skills as the nurse may interact with parents, citizens, doctors and leaders in the community in the course of their duties.

Occupational Health Nursing
LPN’s who work for companies provide healthcare for employees or customers are the company’s workplace. Occupation nurses do first aid, fill out accident reports, and make arrangements for more medical care if needed. They often counsel employees about health issues, teach health classes, conduct health screenings, give flu shots, and may even make recommendations to their employer about health risks in the work environment.

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