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Luxury Florida Homes - Definition of Luxury Florida Homes

location is vital home features

The worth of the luxury Florida home takes into account the size, location, condition, and features of the property. A home in a high demand area will always represent greater market value.

People who can afford the luxury always purchase homes in the top ten percent of the market. They consider the proximity to the finest goods and services as part of the purchase decision.

These people have an active social life and look for amenities such as high-end boutiques, museums, art galleries, concert halls, five star restaurants, catering, and spas.

Sales of upscale homes have skyrocketed nationwide in all the major cities and suburban areas.

Luxury homeowners prefer secluded areas, beachfront property, inter-coastal areas, and breathtaking views. While others prefer communities that are built around a central theme such as: Golf communities, luxury ranches are popular among equestrian enthusiasts, country club neighborhoods offer a setting for those with a more active social life.

Home Features

Upscale Kitchens can be traditional, European, contemporary, or the homeowner’s personal style. There are enough mind-expanding ideas and provocative combinations to invoke a full range of ideas. The savvy homeowner is willing to look beyond the traditional and embrace the newer styles.

New ideas include innovative materials for countertops, better lighting with more elegant fixtures and colors. The latest trend is the “hidden kitchen” with cleanup and storage areas walled off from the more public food preparation space.

The “hidden kitchen” is more like a pantry with a dishwasher and the place for peeling, chopping and prepping food. The cooking area is now situated closer to the dining room to make serving more convenient.

While oak, maple, and walnut are still popular choices there is a growing trend to more exotic woods such as: mahogany, teak, olive, zebra and eucalyptus. Darker woods are sometimes punched up with touches of reds or citrus colors.

The cabinet storage systems are often glass with wood or stainless frames that lift up out of the way instead of opening like a traditional door.

Glass and steel countertops on raised arched moldings that serve as platforms are becoming increasingly popular.

Lighting is a tool any good upscale home design uses to the maximum effect. Natural light is, of course, extremely important and can be achieved with large windows, glass walls, and skylights.

Whether you want a soft romantic glow in the bedroom or as much light as possible in the exercise room, there are exciting lighting ideas for every room of the upscale home.

Entry ways of natural stone such as granite, marble, or, slate are very popular and give the home an elegant touch.

Landscaping is very important and should enhance the curb appeal, style, and sophistication of the property. A cobblestone path through beautifully landscaped grounds with palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze can add depth and character to the lovely grounds.

Swimming pools are extremely important for any sophisticated home setting. Many upscale homes have fountains, waterfalls, and rapids in their pools to add focal points of interest.

Pool side statues, columns, and outdoor living areas make the pool part of the main living quarters of the home.

Living rooms and family rooms are spacious with art décor throughout the home give the home character. Local artisans should not be overlooked when designing the upscale home.

Furniture should be elegant but simple and give accent to the focal point of the room; whether it is a painting, an art sculpture, or musical instrument.

Bedrooms and bathrooms in an elegant home are well appointed and functional. The bath is usually spacious with large showers and separate tubs. Many can have windows with views to the beautiful landscaping that are breathtaking. Marble or granite flooring, walls, shower and tub enclosures are expected.

The outdoor living rooms and kitchens are perfect for Florida’s beautiful weather and calm year round temperatures that invite the homeowner and guests to the out-of-doors for relaxed living.

Outdoor areas can include comfortable seating with large, flat panel televisions that rise up from the ground or are mounted in strategic areas around the outdoor space.

Kitchens are well equipped with barbeque grills, stoves, refrigerators and sinks to make outside living as relaxed as being indoors.

For the person who can afford luxury Florida homes, the choices are certainly worth the investment. With beautiful weather most of the year, it is inviting to purchase a home near the waterways, golf courses, or country clubs.

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