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Set Up Wireless Network - How to Set Up Wireless Network

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You may have been playing around with the idea of learning how to set up wireless network capabilities in your household because of the obvious benefits that it can bring to you. Wireless networks open up a lot of doors for home users including the ability to network your computers for fast file sharing, shared internet connection, extended security of your connection, and so much more. If you’re ready to see what it takes to set up wireless network in your household, read on.

The first, most important requirement for setting up a wireless network is a router. These generally run between $20-$50 depending on the brand and capabilities you’re looking for. For example, most home based users that are looking to share a basic internet connection for web surfing would probably find the most use out of a lower priced router. However, if you’re a home user that is looking to your router to handle gaming, many simultaneous connections, fast browsing and more, you’re better off using a router of higher quality. Also, in most cases, it is better to purchase a wireless router.

You will also need an active internet connection to set up wireless network. It’s not completely mandatory if you’re not looking to share a connection between multiple computers, but in most cases, it’s recommended. In addition to this, your type of internet connection must be compatible with the router. For example, a dial-up connection would not suffice because it does not use Ethernet cords which are compatible with routers.

The only other items you need to set up wireless network are Ethernet cords, wireless adapters and computers for connecting to the network. The number of each of these items may vary depending on the amount of computers you have and the way you’re going to connect each of them to the computer. For example, if you’re going to place the router in a room with no computers in it, you will need wireless adapters for the computers that will be logging onto the network. This is simply because the distance between the router and the computers will be too long to support a wired connection.

Once you’ve rounded up all of the items you need to set up wireless network, it’s time to get to work. The first step in setting up your wireless network is to place your router near your modem. These two items will need to be connected together so placing them side by side would be appropriate. Be sure to run the power cable from the modem to an outlet for power. Next, run an Ethernet cord from the back of the cable modem to the back of the router. You will typically plug the cord in on the back of the router in the port that is separated from the rest. It may be colored differently to distinguish it, but it will either be on the far left or far right. For further instruction on this step, refer to the manual.

Now that you’ve made these connections, you’re almost finished. A router can operate without a computer directly connected to it with a wired connection, but you will need to log onto the router’s gateway and configure it for use. It may already be useable at this point, but to make sure, you’ll need to do a bit of configuring.

Log onto the network from a computer and open an internet browser. In the address bar, type in This address might be slightly different according to your router and configuration, but in most cases, you can find your router’s gateway at this address. Next, you’ll be prompted for a username and password in most cases. Don’t panic. Simply press “enter” or “OK” and see if you can log in. Since the router has never been used before, there may not be a username and password set. If this doesn’t work, refer to the manual or website for the correct login information for first time use.

Once you’re logged in, you can do a number of things including set up security, configure the password for the network, upgrade the firmware, and more. Because the firmware for routers vary, it’s best to refer to the manual or website for further instruction. However, if you feel comfortable configuring the router yourself, this is also okay. Because the task isn’t too difficult, this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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