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Qa Testing Jobs - How to Qualify For QA Testing Jobs

industry food manufacturing production

QA testing jobs are prevalent in today’s manufacturing industry, which is still going strong. Traditionally, those who qualify need to have some background in what goes into the production of foodstuffs or whatever is being produced on the assembly line. For the food manufacturing industry, this could mean obtaining a food science degree, either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. For other industries, such as metalworking and plastics, there are entry level QA testing jobs in this sector, or one can easily work their way up by excelling in production on the assembly line. Most companies are fond of hiring from within, and generally speaking, these positions are given to people who have seniority in the company, usually two years or more. The job itself ranges from such responsibilities as taking a sampling of parts from the different production lines in the factory. This is usually done after each employee break, or four times per day, although every company has their own QA system procedures in place. These jobs are critically important for such industries as the automobile manufacturing business, as the reliability of the parts made will affect the safety of each and every driver on the road. Other finished goods that leave no room for error are equipment and gear made for the medical industry, such as gas masks and defibrillators.

Although food products are inspected regularly by the USDA for safety, the people responsible for the production and ingredients of said food products are the people primarily responsible for making sure that the food meets quality standards, is packaged properly, and is safe to consume. This is true of both perishable and non-perishable foods. If you wish to qualify for these types of positions, which pay well, you can read books on the industry for which you want to work, as this will prepare you for pre-employment testing. In addition to standard pre-employment tests, which can include math tests and problem-solving as well as attention and direction following skills, you may be asked to answer questions which pertain to quality control as it applies to the business for which you are applying. If you apply for a QA testing job at a metalworking factory, such as a machine shop, you may be tested for your visual inspection skills, looking for things such as rust, fingerprints, and rough edges on the part. Food science industries may have similar testing requirements. These are tests you can prepare for by reading up on the applicable industry through trade magazines and books available at your local library. Getting a bachelor of arts degree in a related field from a community college can also go a long way towards helping you get your foot in the door, as employers and hiring managers tend to favor those with college degrees.

The manufacturing industry is still experiencing growth and vitality, and for each sector of the manufacturing industry, there are QA testing jobs available for those who qualify. These are among the most important jobs in the factory, as they pertain to making sure that a safe and consistent product leaves the factory, and these people are also the ones who oversee and ensure that no poor quality, damaged, or unsafe parts or finished goods leave the factory. This is true of the food production industry as well. Quality assurance is vital to the continuing survival and prosperity of manufacturers and the worldwide economy, as every bad part or product costs companies money, and these companies lose even more money if the damaged or unfit product makes it to the store shelves. These jobs will continue to experience growth, as new and capable people are needed in order to replace those retiring or being pushed out of these jobs, for whatever reason. It is easy to see why these types of jobs are still needed, as without QA testers, there would be no guarantee of quality or safety in any of the products we buy, which would affect healthcare and the economy in the worst way. We will always need QA testers to make sure that what we are buying is safe and that we are getting our money’s worth on anything we buy.

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