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South Padre Island Motels - Best South Padre Island Motels

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South Padre Island is a popular vacation destination. It is located in Texas, at the tip, and bordered by Gulf of Mexico waters and the Laguna Madre Bay. Its tropical aspect attracts many tourists, and its warm beautiful beaches delight all locals and visitors. There are plenty of things to do and see at South Padre Island. Families can enjoy activities that will be perfect for any member, and enjoy a variety of scenery’s as well. Whether you like fishing, boating, shopping, or even bird watching, you can do all that and more at South Padre Island. Other activities include windsurfing, camping, surfing, skiing, boat trips, horseback riding, dolphin watching, and much more. There are plenty of restaurants and nightclubs as well. Padre Blvd. is where you will find the best South Padre Island motels.

The former name of this island was Isla Blanca, which means White Island – for its beautiful white beaches. The subtropical climate and sunshine make this island a year round destination and over one million vacationers visit it every year. The island has tons of retail shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, motels, condominium towers, and is bustling with activity. People dress in relaxed attire and there is actually a “No Tie Zone” policy enforced to preserve the island relaxing atmosphere. Although this place has become a favorite of corporate meetings and seminars, the attendees are encouraged to wear very casual and relaxed clothing.

Accommodations and lodging are abundant on the island. Families can stay at hotels, motels, campgrounds, bed and breakfast, or rent a home or condo. The variety of lodging alternatives is perfect for every budget and lifestyle. Some of the best South Padre Island motels are Babe’s Oasis, with a classic beach style that offers visitors a relaxed atmosphere, sundecks, a typical tropical setting, and magnificent sunsets. Other features offered to visitors and vacationers include WiFi, Cable, pool facilities, and laundry area. One important feature is that this place is pet friendly. It is located at 120 E. Atol Street.

The Beachside Inn located at 4500 Padre Blvd offers visitors a continental breakfast, their choice of single, double, or suite occupancy, cable, gym, swimming pool, and it is prepared for access to wheelchairs. Spring breakers are accepted at this place.

Another great place to count amongst the South Padre Island best motels is the Best Western La Copa Inn and Suites. This modern motel offer visitors rooms with ocean views and a variety of amenities such as cable, WiFi, fitness center, pool, laundry facilities, and a complimentary breakfast. This place is pet friendly as well. Spring breakers are welcomed here. It is located at 350 Padre Blvd. near the beach.

The Blue Bay Inn and Suites is located also at Padre Blvd – 901. It offers similar amenities, is wheelchair accessible, and you can choose between double rooms, king rooms, or a king suite. It also has a lounge and a nightclub and bar. Spring breakers are admitted.

Amongst the South Padre Island motels, you will find the Comfort Suites Beachside – located at 912 Padre Blvd. This facility offers most mentioned amenities plus an outdoor tub, elevator, and private access to the beach. There are also rooms for conferences. It is wheelchair accessible, and spring breakers are allowed here as well. It also offers a complimentary breakfast.

The Flamingo Inn, another favorite of the South Padre Island motels, is one block from the beach, located at 3408 Padre Blvd. This one offers cable and WiFi, laundry facilities, pool, and is wheelchair accessible, pet friendly, and spring breaker friendly as well.

The Days Inn offer visitors great hospitality and a complimentary breakfast. It is pet, wheelchair, and spring breaker friendly. It also has a pool and offers laundry facilities, cable, and WiFi. Also located at Padre Blvd (3913).

Many South Padre Island motels can be found along Padre Blvd. To mention others – Miramar Resort Motel, Motel 6, Suites at Sunchase, Super 8, Travelodge, and many others.

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