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Video Cable Splitter - What Is a Video Cable Splitter?

signal television signals splitters

A video cable splitter is a piece of electronics equipment that is used to split a video signal. Sometimes this piece of equipment is referred to as a “coaxial splitter.”

The purpose of using a video cable splitter to split a signal is to allow a person to have that signal picked up by multiple pieces of equipment. One common example is using a video cable splitter to split a cable television signal. This way, the same cable television programming can be watched on multiple televisions that are connected to the splitter.

However, the same signal does not have to be picked up by both pieces of equipment hooked up to the video cable splitter. The cable hooked up to the splitter may be carrying multiple signals.

This is often the case with certain cable television packages that also include high speed internet. Both signals exist in the same cable. A coaxial splitter can then be attached. Two more cables will then be attached to the splitter. One will go to the television that will pick up the cable television programming. The second cable will be hooked up to a computer that will pick up the high speed internet.

There are many different varieties of video cable splitters to choose from. Most of this variety comes from the differing number of hook-ups that can be made to split a signal. For example, there are two-way, three-way, five-way, eight-way, and even sixteen-way video cable splitters.

The splitters may also differ depending on the kind of signals that needs to be split. For example, when a cable carries signals for both cable television and cable internet, a special video cable splitter designed for that very purpose must be acquired. It is unlikely that a generic splitter only labeled as being able to split video signals will be able to perform the task of separating the internet and television signals from one another.

Special splitters may also have to be purchased based on the kind of television signal you are receiving. For example, both DirecTV and Dish Network satellite television signals require special video cable splitters. It is important to check the back of a splitter’s packaging for the specifications outlining what a video cable splitter can be used for before purchasing it.

However, even if a video cable splitter is compatible with both the signal you want to split and the equipment you want to split it to, you should still be careful about which splitter you choose to purchase. For one, you should be careful to only purchase a splitter with as many ports as you need. If you only need to split the signal once, purchase a two-way splitter. If you need to split it three times, only buy a three-way splitter.

This is done because splitting a signal can weaken it. The more times a video signal is split, the greater the chance that the signal will be severely weakened. If it is split too many times, you may even lose the signal. To maintain the highest signal strength, you should only use a splitter with the exact number of ports you need.

However, the signal may already be rather weak to begin with and may not be able to be split properly even once. This may be because of interference that is partially disrupting the signal. It may also be because the cable has to travel a long distance to the equipment that you want to pick up the signal.

Whatever the case, you may want to purchase an amplified video cable splitter. This kind of splitter has the ability to intensify the signal it receives. This intensified signal can then be split and sent to multiple pieces of equipment. This will allow you to receive a much higher quality signal than would have been possible through a regular video cable splitter.

It is also strongly suggested that you do not use multiple splitters in succession. While it is possible for a signal to pass through more than one splitter before it reaches its destination, it can have a highly negative impact on signal quality. If you need to split the video signal many times, simply purchase one splitter to do the job. As mentioned before, there are splitters available on the market that can split a video signal as many as sixteen times.

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