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San Francisco Suites - How to Find Good Deals on San Francisco Suites

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San Francisco’s beauty and culture bring millions of travelers to the city every year for business and for pleasure. Unfortunately, the influx of tourist dollars has not translated to lower hotel room prices. Instead, San Francisco consistently has among the highest hotel rates in the nation, rivaled only by New York in terms of pricing. This is especially true for travelers looking to book San Francisco suites for their stays. Suites in any city cost much more than regular rooms, but in San Francisco, the price jump goes to a whole new level. For example, rooms at the world famous Fairmont Hotel cost an average of $400 per night, depending on the season. However, suites at the Fairmont can cost upwards of $10,000 per night. For travelers wanting to stay in a suite while in San Francisco, there are a variety of tactics and tools that they can use to help find the best price available.

First and foremost, travelers to San Francisco that want to save money on their stays at San Francisco suites should be flexible with their travel dates. The peak tourist season for San Francisco is during the summer months from June to September, when the weather is beautiful and families have time to plan vacations. With all of the tourists flooding the city during those months, hotel can command a premium price. Instead, travelers that are flexible with their travel dates should opt to visit the city in the winter. Although the temperatures can be cold, relatively speaking, the weather is still usually moderate thanks to the city’s geographical position along the coast of California. During off seasons, hotels are more willing to slash the prices of their suites in order to draw in guests.

Next, travelers that want to stay in San Francisco suites inexpensively can try searching the internet for good deals. In recent years, the travel industry has been completely reshaped by the internet. Before computers and the internet became widespread, travelers depended on travel agents to help them book hotels. These travel agents often had access to good rates that were only available to certain people and groups within the industry. Thanks to the internet, these resources are available to anyone with access to a computer. Travelers should first start by looking at major travel search engines that can give instant quotes for suite prices in San Francisco. Often, people can save a lot of money by booking through these sites and taking a package deal that includes the hotel suite cost and airfare. Sometimes, rental car prices may be included in package deals. Also, many of these companies also offer exclusive rates for luxury suites in San Francisco that are only available by booking through the website. There are also travel websites that are referred to as opaque travel booking sites, where travelers can set a price that they want to pay for San Francisco suites. The service then goes through its database and finds last minute vacancies, which are often offered at cut rate prices that may fall into the customer’s price range. The only downside to these sorts of sites is that a traveler never knows where he is staying till the last minute, and there is still no guarantee that his price will be accepted.

Travelers wishing to stay in San Francisco suites during their stays should also consider visiting the hotel’s website and calling them directly. Sometimes, the rates on the hotel’s website are less expensive than the prices shown on travel websites. On top of that, travelers will not have to pay a commission and fees to book through these travel websites if they go directly to the hotel. Hotel websites also frequently have coupons or exclusive offers that are only available for people who sign up for the hotels’ e-mail list. This is an excellent and fast way to save some extra money on San Francisco suites. Calling the hotel directly never hurts either when shopping for good prices. Sometimes, hotel staff may be able to give travelers good deals that are not even found on the website of the hotel. They can also advise visitors about any discounts like AAA or AARP that may be applied to the room rate. During slow periods, travelers may also be able to negotiate room prices with hotel management in order to save a little money.

Although San Francisco suites can be expensive, looking for deals online and by speaking to the hotel directly can save visitors to the city a lot of money. If travelers are flexible and willing to do a little work, deals can be had.

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