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Hotels Sioux Falls - Great Hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Sioux Falls is the largest city in the Western state of South Dakota. The land that later became Sioux Falls attracted many different Native American tribes thousands of years ago due to the beautiful Sioux River that flows through the area as well as beautiful waterfalls that gave the city its name.

Beyond the Sioux tribe of Native Americans, the area also has a rich history that includes being inhabited by other tribes such as the Arikira, Cheyenne, Dakota, Ho-Chunk, and several others. It was later visited by French explorers in the 1700’s and was finally settled by European Americans in the 1800’s. With the arrival of the railroad that followed shortly afterwards, Sioux Falls became a boom town and expanded exponentially.

With a current population of over 187,000, Sioux Falls is now a place where many live and work. Thankfully, though, the town has kept most of its natural beauty and Western charm. For that reason, it is frequented by millions of tourists every year. This dedication to nature is proven by the fact that over 50 parks are spread through out the city. The area has become extremely popular for its biking paths, hiking trails, fishing spots, ski slopes, and river tubing. The city is also thought of as a gate way to other South Dakota tourist destinations such as the Badlands National Park and Custer State Park.

Thankfully for all those tourists, the city has numerous places for vacationing families to stay including campgrounds, motels, and hotels. Sioux Falls, for one, is home to some of the nicest hotels in all of South Dakota. Of these hotels, perhaps the swankiest is the ClubHouse Hotel and Suites. With a convenient location right off of St. Louise Avenue, it is extremely easy to find.

Accommodations at the hotel are top class. Every room is beautifully decorated and comes with free Wi-Fi internet and a very large work desk for those visiting on business. The hotel is chock full of other amenities as well. This includes a shuttle service which can take guests to different parts of the city as well as the airport. The hotel also has an indoor pool, a whirlpool, a children’s water play-land, a spa, and a fitness center.

Dining at the hotel is also topnotch. Connected to the hotel is Carino’s, an authentic Italian restaurant offering rustic Italian dishes that taste straight out of Sicily. The hotel is also extremely close to other popular restaurants including Cracker Barrel, Chili’s, Outback Steakhouse, and the Little Cellar Wine Company.

However, families on a budget may not be able to afford to stay at more expensive hotels. Sioux Falls, thankfully, also includes many other great options for families looking to save a little money on their vacation. One of the best options for a reasonably priced hotel in Sioux Falls is the Ramtoka Hotel owned by Best Western.

This hotel is significant for its excellent location. It is located only a few blocks away from Sioux Falls’ colossal sports arena. Professional baseball, basketball, and hockey games are all played at this arena, making the hotel sought after by thousands of sports fans.

However, the Ramtoka Hotel isn’t only known for its location. The rooms, while moderately priced, are beautifully decorated. Each room in the hotel also comes standard with a number of amenities including free Wi-Fi internet, a large work space, an ironing board, a coffee maker, and cable television. Guests also have the option of upgrading to a more luxurious whirlpool suite.

Delicious meals are also available at the Dorchester Dining Room which is part of the hotel. Those looking for a drink before turning in can find almost innumerous options at the Mustang Lounge. All suites in the hotel also come with a fully stocked mini-bar.

For those looking to have some fun with their loved ones, the hotel also includes an outdoor pool, a large heated indoor pool, a whirlpool, a game room, a pool hall, and an arcade full of different videogames and pinball machines. The hotel is also the perfect location to hold business conferences and parties due to the hotel’s large conference rooms, ballrooms, and catering services.

There are also plenty of other great options in the city ranging from campgrounds, to motels, to resorts, to more moderately priced hotels. Sioux Falls is certain to have the accommodations you are looking for during your trip in scenic South Dakota.

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