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Auto Moving Companies - Making All the Right Moves Dealing With Auto Moving Companies

what are auto moving companies? the benefits the reasons 5. finalize the contract.

Companies specializing in auto transport pick up vehicles and then ship them to another location. This service is often more cost-effective than driving the vehicle to its destination, and it has the added benefit of not adding any wear or tear. Additionally, these services are sometimes the only practical option.

The Benefits

• Cost-effective
• No wear and tear
• Safer than moving it yourself
• Simpler tax write-off

The Reasons

• Moving overseas or an area without land access
• Don’t want to tow vehicle behind the moving truck
• Too many vehicles to tow at once

How to Choose the Right Auto Moving Company and Get a Good Price

1. Talk to coworkers, family, and friends who have used an auto transport service.

Learn from their experiences, and it’s especially helpful if you can talk to people who have used auto moving companies that are available in your area. Fortunately, most of these companies are nationwide.

2. Get quotes from at least three distinct companies.

Get more than three if you’d like, but three is typically enough to assess pricing standards in your area, after which you should be able to spot a price that is either too high or too low. Don’t immediately jump at a “too low” quote because there’s often a reason why it’s that low. When requesting the quote, don’t forget to mention details that would not be obvious to the sales rep, such as lift kits, lowered suspensions, and larger tires. In addition, cars that do not start or operate normally usually incur additional charges.

3. Perform brief interviews with those companies with fair quotes.

The interview does not have to be elaborate. The goal is to find out what their service entails, what they require of you, and what options are available.

4. Call the Better Business Bureau, and use the Internet.

Call and request information about each of the finalists. All large companies tend to have some complaints on record, so don’t overreact, but avoid those companies with many or substantial complaints. Likewise, look each company up on the Internet, but avoid reviews that are overly negative or read like marketing.

5. Finalize the contract.

After you set a date and finalize the contract, you should receive a confirmation package by mail, email, or fax. Read those instructions carefully, especially preparation instructions, and then call back with any additional questions you might have.

Note: If you are shipping outside of the U.S., contact the appropriate department of transportation. Determine if there are any special considerations, and bring these points up with the company when requesting the quote.

How to Prepare for the Big Move

1. If the service’s preparation instructions contradict any of these steps, follow their rules, or call and ask why the contradiction exists.

2. Keep the gas tank one-quarter full. If you won’t be using the vehicle, syphon the additional gas into an appropriate container. If you will be using the vehicle between now and pickup, keep it at one-quarter by monitoring it and by only adding small amounts as necessary. Note that if you have more gas than agreed upon, there will be an additional charge for the added weight.

3. Remove all valuables and unnecessary weight from the vehicle.

Clean the car inside and out. As you do, remove everything that doesn’t belong. Remove anything of value. This includes items that belong but that you could move another way, such as a removable audio system. Keep in mind that the company based the quote they gave you on standard weight, so if there’s any unexpected weight, there will be additional charges. Don’t attempt to use the trunk as additional storage space because it’s dangerous and typically, the contract disallows it, which means you could incur a fine.

Pick-Up Day & Drop-Off Day

Handle pick-up and drop-off like you would a car rental. For pick-up, have a camera on hand. Take pictures of all angles and have the rep sign off on those pictures. You’ll also want to note mileage. The rep will make a similar inventory on their paperwork. Make sure that it’s accurate, and then sign off on it. When the drop-off occurs, you can use the photos to compare the car then and now, and you’ll be in a great position to recoup your losses if there is any damage.

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