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Gainesville Fl Homes - Shopping for Homes in Gainesville, FL

florida county north central

People who are searching for an affordable place to live in a vibrant but small city should consider Gainesville, FL. Homes in Gainesville are readily available, as is the case in most of the Florida market. Still, investments in Gainesville, FL homes are more financially sound and more stable than comparable choices in most of Florida and throughout the United States.

Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida, is the county seat of Alachua County. Alachua County is located in North Central Florida, about 2 hours due north of Orlando. The Gainesville area enjoys a semi-tropical climate that features long summers with average high temperatures of 90 degrees, and mild winters with infrequent frosts.

The largely knowledge based and high technology employment market of one of the largest universities in the U.S. helps to maintain a steady housing market. The research conducted at the University has also spawned growth in the medical technology and medical treatment industries in the area of Gainesville, FL. Homes in the area did not lose value at nearly the rates of surrounding areas or throughout the Sun Belt at large.

The local economy as a whole is somewhat recession proof when compared to most of the country, and is almost always in a sustained and steady growth mode. The investment advisory company Moody’s provides a very positive forecast for the economic future of Gainesville, FL. Homes, land, and business investments in the area are considered to be relatively immune to downswings in the national or regional economies.

The future values for Gainesville, FL homes appears good partly because of the aforementioned academic and industry employment opportunities, but also because North Central Florida is rising as a retirement destination and as a second-home location. Some of the influx of retirees comes from South Florida, as people are drawn away from the congestion and the expensive cost of living experienced there.

A large component of the reasonable cost of living is the moderate prices for Gainesville, FL homes. The real estate dollar goes further, and in fact buys more real estate because land is still plentiful and therefore relatively cheap. Notwithstanding the desire of some individuals for condominium living, many homebuyers enjoy the privacy and satisfaction of owning a substantial piece of land, like that which can easily be obtained with a Gainesville, FL home.

Proximity to open spaces is one of the features of the North Central Florida area, which is world renowned for its horse farms. With a major Interstate (75) and other excellent roads, Alachua County is very accessible from outside the area, and getting around the area is quick and effortless. A small downtown forms the hub of Gainesville with sub-divisions of all price levels located within just a few miles around.

In addition to condominiums and townhomes, well-built single homes are readily available for less than $200,000. Luxury homes and estates, including horse farms are plentiful in the area surrounding Gainesville, FL. Homes in all prices can be found, although foreclosures and short sales are relatively uncommon due to the aforementioned economic well-being. In contrast to most of Florida, Gainesville did not experience overbuilding and excessive growth.

As a place to live and as a place to either work or retire, one of the brightest spots in the Sun Belt is Gainesville, FL. Homes purchased here should prove to be sound investments in the future of a very livable city.

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