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Gilbert Arizona Homes For Sale - Enticements for People to Buy Homes for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona

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For the last decade, Gilbert, Arizona has been one of the fastest growing communities on the planet. This is due to the overwhelming numbers of attractions and features present in the community. There are a whole host of fun things to do in Gilbert, which attracts visitors and new residents alike. All of these attractions are a wonderful enticement for people to buy homes for sale in Gilbert, Arizona. New homes have been sprouting up like mushrooms to support the massive influx of people moving to Gilbert. The following is a list of the attractions that are fueling the huge population growth in this wonderful Arizona community.

The Riparian Preserve is one of the top attractions for the people who are buying homes for sale in Gilbert, Arizona. This amazing nature preserve is home to over 200 species of birds. Visitors can stroll through the natural splendor on over 4 miles of hiking trails. This reserve is a study in the benefits of green living, as the wetland here was created and is maintained by recycled water. There is some wonderful fishing to be found at the Riparian Preserve. This site also offers educational programs both for the general public and area students.

For bibliophiles, one of the greatest reasons to buy one of the Gilbert, Arizona homes for sale is the Southeast Regional Library. This enormous library situated on a 127 acre site is located right next to the Riparian Preserve. Visitors can grab a book or periodical, sit down in a comfy chair and bask in the beautiful view the preserve has to offer. The library also offers DVDs, CDs, and access to the World Wide Web.

Bicycling fans head to Gilbert to purchase a home due to its reputation as one of the most bike-friendly communities in the world. All of the major arteries have very spacious and well-defined bike lanes. There are also 135 miles of both off-road and paved nature trails available for bicycling enjoyment in Gilbert’s Central Trail System. These trails are also open for pedestrians of course, and the trail system also features 40 miles of equestrian trails for horse lovers.

For families looking for homes to buy in Gilbert, Freestone Park is a major attraction. This is the premier park in the Gilbert Parks System, and it is a simply wonderful place to gather and play. It has baseball and softball diamonds, sport courts, batting cages, picnic areas, playgrounds, barbecue pits and shelters. The best touch in the park is a train that rolls through the grounds, taking passengers to whatever corner of the park they wish to go.

Connected to the Freestone Park is the Freestone Skate Park. This 22,000 sq. ft. skate park has something to offer every level of skater. It is free to use for all, and is great for in-line skaters, skateboarders, and BMX riders alike.

The biggest event of the year in Gilbert, Gilbert Days, helps to draw in both visitors and potential buyers of the homes for sale. Gilbert Days is a three-day festival held every November to celebrate the paving off the Gilbert Road through downtown. This terrific festival features an abundance of family-friendly activities. There is a fun run, a parade, a carnival, a rodeo and an assortment of food booths.

Theatre fans are especially attracted to purchase one of the new homes for sale in Gilbert, Arizona. This is due to the presence of the Hale Center Theatre the longest continuously running theatre company in America that is privately owned and operated. All of the seats in the theatre are near the stage, so the entire audience has a great view of the performance. All of the shows are family-friendly, and they also offer children’s productions from time to time.

The point that ties together both new and long-term residents of Gilbert is the downtown Heritage District. Officially recognized as a historical district by The Historical Society of America, this beautiful district features great restaurants, fantastic shopping and helpful offices. The Heritage District is a gathering spot for friends and families, the spot where people head in Gilbert when they want to see and be seen. It is the perfect spot for people that have recently purchased homes for sale in Gilbert, Arizona to introduce themselves to their new neighbors.

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