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Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories - Kawasaki Motorcycle Accessories Make Your Ride More Enjoyable

helmet windshield and hand deflectors seats backrest saddle bags and cargo net style cover

Motorcycles offer a great way to get from one place to another, and the added benefit of getting wonderful gas mileage with them is an economic plus. They also offer an enjoyable means of traveling without being cooped up in an automobile but with the speed of a regular vehicle. Many of the accessories made for Kawasaki motorcycles can add to your enjoyment as you ride. Some Kawasaki motorcycle accessories are designed for your safety, others are made to give you extra convenience, some will make your ride more comfortable and others are designed primarily for looks.


The first item you should have for safety is a good quality D.O.T. certified helmet. You can choose a full-face helmet that converts to an open-face helmet when you want your face uncovered. A face shield that does not fog and a sun visor with a switch to change its position make your travels safer, and a breathable liner and cheek pads, adjustable vents and an air inflation system that customizes the fit will make your helmet more comfortable.

Windshield and Hand Deflectors

A full windshield is one of the Kawasaki motorcycle accessories that makes a long road trip more pleasant. It will keep bugs off your face and help protect you from wind, rain and snow, and you can install hand deflectors to keep your hands dry and warm. You will be happy to have these extra guards against the elements when you cruise along the highways. A good pair of insulated leather gloves will help warm your hands, and heated gloves will do the job even better.


Comfort is a priority when you travel a long distance, and gel inserts for the seats will increase that comfort dramatically. They even out the pressure, conform to your body and float your weight over a larger area making a smoother ride for you. A wider seat for your passenger along with the gel insert will add extra comfort for your companion, and replacing your driver and passenger foot pegs with floorboards will make your feet happy too.


Your passenger will appreciate a backrest when you ride, and there are many styles from which to choose. You can even get one that detaches quickly if you usually travel alone, so you can just use it when you have a riding companion, and it will be easy to put on and remove. Adding an emblem to your backrest will give it a classy look.

Saddle Bags and Cargo Net

Choose the style and size of saddlebags that will best serve your needs. Some saddlebags come with a hinge and buckle with a hidden fast release feature. Plain bags will keep your gear stored, but you can get them with studs to dress up your bike if you like that look. Saddlebag supports will help to keep them in place, and a cargo net will hold larger items that are hard to keep strapped to your bike.


Kawasaki motorcycle accessories are not just for comfort or convenience; some of the accessories add style to your bike as well. Spruce it up with custom seat and key knobs made of solid brass and gold plated, a custom license plate frame, chrome plated steel cover for your radiator or a chrome visor to install on your speedometers that are mounted on the tank. The half-moon visor not only looks good but also makes it easier to read the speedometer by preventing the sun’s glare on the glass that covers it.


Don’t forget to buy a cover for your bike to protect it when you are not riding. You can get one that is resistant to moisture, will lock to the bike to keep it secure, has a vent system for moisture build up to escape and panels that are resistant to heat for the exhaust area.

The Kawasaki motorcycle accessories that you can buy to add to the pleasure of owning a great bike are seemingly endless. Purchase the items that you need or want the most, and start making a wish list for those less important things. Drop hints, and leave your list where your friends and family will notice it, and you may receive gifts that you really like for your next birthday.

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