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Tax Accounting Jobs - How to Obtain One of the Tax Accounting Jobs

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Each year all American citizens that earn money are required to fill out a federal tax return. In many states, a state tax return must be filled out as well. Since tax return documents and tax law can be complicated, many Americans choose to hire a tax accountant to help with the preparation of taxes. Because of this, there is always a demand for tax accountants. While getting a job as a tax accountant can be a great and stable career path, there are various steps that must be followed in order to qualify as a tax accountant.

The first step in getting one of the many tax accountant jobs is to get the right education. After graduating from high school, a prospective tax accountant must attend a four-year college where they should major in either accounting or a similar degree. Regardless of the degree chosen, the prospective accountant should take courses in tax accounting, business accounting, and accounting principles. These classes will give a student the background necessary to succeed and pass the necessary certification exams.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, a prospective tax accountant should attempt to further their education by getting a master’s in education. For those who graduated with a degree in accounting, this could be obtained in just one year. For those that had another degree choice, this could take up to two more years. By obtaining the master’s degree, a prospective tax accountant will also receive the additional credit hours required to take the CPA exam.

While in school, a prospective tax accountant should try and obtain either one of the part-time or summer tax accounting jobs. These jobs typically pay quite well compared to other part-time jobs and will also provide a prospective accountant with credible on the job training and a chance to obtain a full-time position with the company after the graduate.

After finishing their education, the next step in obtaining one of the many tax accounting jobs is to take the certified public accounting (CPA) exam. Even after completing their education, many people struggle with the CPA exam. Because of this, it is a good idea to take a few months to fully prepare for the exam and to take a course that is dedicated to the exam.

After successful completion of the CPA exam, a prospective accountant will be qualified for many tax accounting jobs. Because of this, an entry level accountant should consider each job offer they receive carefully. Ideally, an entry level tax accountant should take a position with a reputable firm that will also provide them with a wide range of professional experiences.

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