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Glass Dining Room Tables - Beautiful and Affordable: Glass Dining Room Tables

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When searching for the perfect furniture for a new home or remodel, glass dining room tables should be on your short list of pieces to consider. The functional and aesthetic appeal of glass dining room tables cannot be overlooked. The cost and resale value are also huge factors making them the winner in the quest for the right dining room table.

Glass dining room tables are functional and practically maintenance-free. Forget sanding and re-staining. Forget the worry that an errant glass of wine will harm the table top. With glass, all you need is a bottle of ammonia and some paper towels for a sparkling-clean surface in minutes. Should any food or drink be spilled, or worse, dried on, soap and water can also be used. Glass tabletops do not dent, and are extraordinarily hard to scratch or shatter. Glass dining room tables are also impervious to humidity and aridity. Glass is the easiest, no-maintenance table you can choose.

Beside their easy cleaning, glass dining room tables are also aesthetically pleasing. Whereas a wood table casts a shadow and hides your gorgeous floor, a glass table seems to catch the light and illuminate the space, highlighting what is beneath it, whether is be a Persian rug, glossy hardwood, or funky tile. For the artistically inclined, the underside can be painted and then the plate glass reinstalled. Even kids can get in on the act once adults have placed the glass face down on a drop-cloth. The possibilities for decoration and accents are limited only by your imagination.

The cost of glass dining room tables is also a motivating factor. For hundreds less than a standard wood table, you can have a gorgeous table that requires no table cloth and no worries. After all, what do you do when your toddler takes a pair of scissors to the top of that oak table? You pay dearly to have it refinished, throw it in the trash, or invest in costly linens to cover the damage. All of this adds up. With glass, it’s have it delivered, set it, and forget it. It’s practically indestructible, and on the off chance that the glass is broken, it’s a simple and far cheaper matter to order a replacement top from an auto-glass dealer or the manufacturer of the table directly.

Lastly, resale value holds with glass dining room tables. After all, it looks brand new after ten years in your dining room! Where potential buyers will see every scuff, scratch, knot-hole and irregular swirl in a wooden table as a deduction in price, a glass dining room table has no such imperfections. If you are forced to move, or are simply ready for something new, glass dining room tables fetch high resale values.

So what are you waiting for? Glass dining room tables are easily maintained and will showcase your floor, not hide it. Practically impervious to damage, lower in cost than other tables, and a reseller’s dream, make your new dining room table a glass one.

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