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Restaurant Table Linens - Choosing Table Linens in Restaurants

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Restaurant table linens include several pieces such as napkins, tablecloths, table runners, and table skirts. These table linens play a tremendous role in the mood that is set for attending patrons. They have the ability to take a restaurant from nice looking to exquisite in one easy step.

Adding table linens to the accessories in a restaurant is a great way to draw a crowd without spending a lot of money. Studies show that eating establishment using table linens are able to successfully raise prices and increase their customer attendance by up to 40%. Just as first impressions are everything in our personal world, so are they in the restaurant industry.

Table linens are great for protecting the tables in your establishment or covering up flaws on already damaged furniture. Not only does this raise the visual appeal, but is also much cheaper than consistently having to replace your tables. An establishment never knows who might be sitting at their tables. Children tend to be less than conscientious about taking care of furniture, and teenagers may even purposefully carve or draw graffiti.

The quality of the table linens in a restaurant is extremely important. Good quality linens last for years to come and take little maintenance while poor quality linens may unravel, pucker, stain, or lose their color. There are some simple steps to ensure the quality of table linens.

Cleanliness is always of the utmost importance. Table linens in any restaurant should be clean and free of stains. Nobody in their right mind would stay at a restaurant that serves on dirty linens. The overall décor represents the quality of the food, and people automatically assume that food-handling procedures are less than hygienic in a place where simple steps are not taken to ensure clean and comfortable dining. If table linens are not clean, chances are that the rest of the place isn’t that clean either.

Color plays a huge role in the mood of an establishment. Luxurious restaurants tend to use white and cream linens. White and cream are colors that never go out of style and they fit into any décor. On the other hand, restaurants such as hometown diners and cafes typically opt for a pattern like red and white gingham. This gives the customers the feeling of home dining. Choose your linen colors based on how you want your customers to perceive your restaurant.

Shapes and sizes will need to be considered when choosing table linens for any location. Keeping a written document of how many tables are in an establishment, along with shape and size of those tables will be extremely valuable when it comes to consulting with a company about options.

Fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing table linens for a restaurant. Although it is easy to want to cut corners, restaurants that invest in high-quality materials will ultimately save money and time. When looking for linens, an investor wants to look for high-quality natural fibers such as cotton and linen. Although it may be easier to clean artificial linens, natural fabrics are going to last a lot longer and portray a higher-quality dining experience for customers.

A great resource for finding table linens for a restaurant is using a company advisor. Linen sales companies are always eager to help a first time buyer with their purchase. Even though it may seem as though they are there only to make a sale, company advisors have an abundance of experience in the field. Their number one job is to keep companies happy and coming back to them. Therefore, they will do whatever it takes to help restaurants narrow down their best options. If a restaurant has a budget, company advisors will work with that budget and find the best option for the money available.

As prices go, it is often in the best interest of the restaurant to invest more in order to save later. As so many things in life, you get what you pay for. If a restaurant invests in poor quality linens, they will get poor quality linens. The life of the linens will depend directly on how much an establishment is willing to invest.

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