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Software Market Research - An Inside Look at Software Market Research

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Regardless of whether a company is developing a new computer game or an inventory management software package, the fact of the matter is that a project may be doomed from the start without the proper software market research. The software market rapidly changes from one season to the next, and it can often be nearly impossible to keep ahead of emerging trends in the industry without the proper software market research. Thankfully, there are some excellent tools available to today’s software developers that will give you all of the software market research that you need in order to nail your particular demographic. Here is an inside look at what you need to know about software market research.

The first step to finding the right software market research tools for your industry is to determine which market category your next software program will fit into and the core demographics that the program will be designed to appeal to. Software market research specialists use very different types of metrics to study the spending habits and other market trends of the business and finance software industry than they do for PC games and personal productiviity software. You primary demographics will help determine whether you need to develop software that will be marketed to customers at the retail level or in a business to business setting.

It is also important to decide whether you are planning on marketing you new software package to clients within your own country or internationally. In the world of software market research, the kind of information that is available for the United States and for the global market is often extremely different. One of the first things that a software market research industry expert will ask you when they are assessing your market research needs.

After you have a solid understanding of how your new software package is going to fit into the overall software market, it is time to start considering which software market research tools are right for you. Today’s software developers have market research tools available to address every step of how software is bought and sold in different types of markets. From sales tracking to market comparisons, these software market research tools can provide you with a crystal clear idea of what to expect once your software package finally makes it to market.

Some of the most popular software market research tools are designed to allow software developers to track their programs as they are distributed and sold throughout the market. Retail tracking tools are used to determine a software package’s performance at the retail level and allow developers to compare sales figures amongst different retail companies and in different regions. Distributor tracking tools allow businesses to stay on top of how their software packages are tracked from the moment that they leave the warehouse until they reach store shelves. Consumer tracking services, on the other hand, offer businesses comprehensive software market research that addresses other key issues like product positioning, customer satisfaction and the performance of competing software titles.

While it is often tempting to complete all of your software market research in house, today’s software industry is a complex system that can be difficult to predict without the proper tools and experience. Hiring professional software market research experts to provide you with the types of critical information that you need to ensure your product will nail your demographic will allow you and your team to focus on creating a high quality software program.

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