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Chula Vista Wisconsin Dells - Great Vacation Spots: Chula Vista, Wisconsin Dells

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If you’re searching for somewhere to relax and have fun, whether it is for a weekend getaway or a family vacation, Chula Vista Resort is a great choice. Located in the Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista has an abundance of choices for people of all ages. I recently spent three nights at Chula Vista with my extended family, including grandparents, parents, three siblings (all young adults from 18-26), and my younger cousins (8 and 11). Even though we spanned through three generations, everyone had a blast and found activities suited towards their interests. Like many resorts situated in the Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista is well known for waterparks. However, unlike most resorts, Chula Vista has a vast array of both indoor and outdoor waterparks. These include exciting rides such as their indoor water coaster, the fastest in the country, and relaxing rides like the lazy river. For those less interested in waterparks and looking for activities uncommon to the Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista has its own 18 hole golf course and even offers massages and pedicures in its own spa. The room options that Chula Vista has are wonderful: guest rooms, suites, villas, and condominiums. We stayed in a lovely condominium with a kitchen, common room, and even a Jacuzzi, which always seemed to be in use. The rooms were clean and spacious, enhanced by a friendly staff that was always helpful. The food choice and quality was fantastic. Unlike many dining options in the Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista had high quality restaurants with a large selection. In fact, Chula Vista offers nine different places to dine, my favorite being the Market Fresh Buffet. With chefs standing right behind the dishes, it was apparent that the food was fresh and made at a professional level. The food varied from anything like pizza to crab legs, with various dishes for even the most selective of customers. In addition, all of the food was high quality and delicious. Because it is located in the Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista also offers many opportunities that most resorts do not have the luxury of providing. With a beautiful landscape all around, there are many companies that provide tours and boat rides down the Wisconsin River. These are wonderful opportunities to see the beauty of nature and learn about the rich history of the Wisconsin Dells, originally formed by melted glaciers. I will never forget the boat ride I took down the river, stopping at various points to observe all of the beauty the river and multiple islands offered. Just being located in the Wisconsin Dells gives Chula Vista so much more to offer than most resorts are able to provide, offering a great experience for people of all ages. With a reasonable price, variety of activities, and a friendly environment, Chula Vista is sure to be a vacation you won’t regret. I will always remember my trip to the Wisconsin Dells and staying at Chula Vista, and encourage everyone to make it their next vacation destination.

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